What cards do you keep on you?

Many people carry different cards. Some people I know carry credit only and some only debit.

What cards do you keep on your person and virtual wallets?

Debit and id card in my wallet. Debit and loyalty cards in my virtual wallet. Any membership cards will go in my real wallet if I use them frequently enough.

Personally myself,

Revolut - Mastercard (Gay Card)
Bank Of Scotland - Visa Debit - Student Finances
Lloyds Bank - Visa Debit
American Express Gold - Credit
Nationwide - Visa Debit (For Savings)

Virtual Wallet (Google Pay)
Bank Of Scotland - Visa Debit
Revolut - Virtual Mastercard
Hyperjar - Mastercard (Cashback trial)
American Express Gold
TSB - Visa Debit - Other Student Account
Natwest - Mastercard Credit

Of course normal stuff goes in my wallet as well. So ID and loyalty cards

only carry phone with google pay, with a £20 note folded up under the back (see-thru) plastic case, for when technology inevitably fails

You have an interesting username given that 60% of the cards in your wallet and 33% of the cards in your virtual wallet are Visa.


Monzo Flex

Both physical and digital, along with Clubcard and Nectar card, and driving licence in wallet.

All have their own uses.

Monzo for 2% supermarket and other cashback, Chase everything else for 1%.

Revolut, Lloyds and Curve have their own in app rewards which I usually check out if I know I’m to buy somewhere I recall having an offer.

Flex for my just in case I need it card.

None. If I’m going for a longer day away or might need ID, I carry Amex Plat and my licence in a MagSafe Wallet.

I have Amex, Barclaycard, Chase in Apple Wallet.

Starling in case I need cash though haven’t done in several years now.
Curve when I’m using the pay at pump.
Otherwise just GPay.

I have all my bank, loyalty and membership cards in both physical and digital form where possible.
Some places only offer a digital card now, and others don’t get recogised if used digitally (if they don’t supply it).

At the moment my wallet (recently got a popsocket magsafe wallet) has Starling Joint, Monzo Flex and my driving license.

My digital wallet (Apple Wallet):
Starling Joint
2x Starling VCs
Monzo Joint
Monzo Flex

Asda Rewards
Tesco Clubcard
TK Maxx Treasure

One debit (MasterCard), two credit cards (one Visa, the other Amex), and ID.

Its ironic isn’t it

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It is.

But not quite at this level of ironic, which is the undisputed champion benchmark for irony:



Why do y’all carry ID? They don’t even ask for it on domestic flights anymore.

I’ve not been asked for a while, but sometimes I do get asked for ID in new places when buying age related products in shops if I’ve had a clean shave and hair cut.

So that’s why :joy:


To be fair I can’t remember the last time I needed it… I’ll just go with so I don’t forget my name. :roll_eyes:

Only cards I carry in my Apple wallet attached to my phone are;
• Monzo Debit Card
• Barclaycard Credit Card
• Driving License

Virtual Apple wallet (contactless on phone)
•Loyalty cards for shops
• Monzo Flex
• Monzo Debit Card
• BarclayCard Credit Card

I have a Monzo joint account but I don’t have these set up as it’s only for bills so no need to have it on me or in my virtual wallet.

UK? Is that available yet?

No sorry… that’s just in my Apple leather MagSafe wallet that’s attached on my phone haha

oh my bad misread that :persevere: saw ;Apple Wallet’ and jumped to the wallet app

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