Day to day card carry


Day to day, how many cards do you carry? Including credit, debit, prepaid, ID, loyalty.

No real reason behind this thread, just interested to hear what everyone else carries. No pressure to join in what so ever.

I carry 2 debits, 1 ID, 2 credits, 1 membership

6 total.

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Halifax copying Monzo with the ability to freeze cards
(Robin) #2

@HoddzDJ, aren’t you going to start? :wink:

(Herp Derp) #3

one card, the only card, that card…

Starling Card :eyes:


Edited, my bad :joy:

(Robin) #5

Three debit cards, one old prepay card (for nostalgia :rofl:), one ID card, one donor card, four membership cards, four loyalty cards and one spudger card.

I think I need a purge.

(Hugh) #6

3 debits, 1 ID, 1 Railcard, 1 oyster, 5 “membership”

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #7

2 cards - Monzo PP and Nationwide CC

But also 2 more debit cards on Apple Pay - never used.


ID - Driving Licence
Credit - Amex
Debit - co-op Bank
Health Insurance - EHIC

I am now experimenting with Monzo pre paid. If an app based bank can prove itself reliable with joint accounts then I will switch from the co-op


The One Card to rule them all.

…and thats it. No ID either.

I only take other debit or credit cards, or ID, if I know I will need it. In an emergency, or if Monzo is down, I can use Apple Pay for my other cards or RBS/Natwest’s cashless cash machine withdrawals for cash.

(Adam Williams) #11

3 debits (Monzo x2, legacy bank debit), 2 credits (AmEx/legacy bank credit), railcard, ID (driving license), around 6 different loyalty cards.


I am card less :slight_smile:️ usually I don’t carry any cards at all. I was carrying Monzo until it got on Android Pay so now back to not carrying anything physical. Debit cards,. Credit cards and loyalty cards are all in Android Pay. Professional Membership and ID cards are not something I would need every day so I just take them when required.

(Adam Williams) #13

This is pretty cool, but I’m pretty bad at managing my device’s battery life so unsure how well it’d work for me :laughing:

I never remember, is there a payment limit for Android Pay? I guess you are reliant on merchants supporting contactless


4 Debits: Monzo, Legacy bank, corporate card, prepaid card (Loot) + Driving Licence and ID


At most shops I found there is no limit you just have to authorise payment by unblocking your phone. So basically do what our iOS users do and touch finger print sensor for payments over £30

(Robin) #16

I rarely come across machines now that don’t support contactless but I frequently still find places that don’t take cards!


Yes that’s true but most retailers even the local corner shop supports NFC payments.

(Tony Hoyle) #18

There’s an increasing trend of shops doing contactless by taking the card off you and walking to the till rather than taking the keypad to you to tap. All the local pubs now do this for example, presumably because it’s easier on the staff. I’m not sure that’d work with a mobile phone… if it locked they couldn’t unlock it to pay, so carrying the monzo card is essential for that.

I have monzo card, prescription prepayment, legacy debit card (although that account is empty), driving license, and national trust card.


Monzo prepaid and CA, Capital One credit card, Starling and Curve (the last 2 are closed accounts I just carry if I need to show them to someone new to Fintech unaware of the challenger banks). :slight_smile:

(Ian Lyon) #20

I’ve had the same kinda chunky wallet for the last decade and I’m really trying to slim things down (slim/minimal wallet suggestions are appreciated :eyes:); for now I carry my Monzo card (of course :wink:), my B debit card, organ donor card and my ID.

I almost never carry cash these days!

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #21

I use the Nomatic wallet.