What’s in your wallet?


Okay, makes sense. I do want to try out N26 and Starling but don’t really want to open official bank accounts everywhere.


I feel my wallet contents will say a lot about me…

  • Monzo card
  • Nationwide FlexDirect card
  • Bus Smartcard
  • Tesco Credit Card
  • Easit card
  • NUS card
  • Curzon cinema card
  • GBK student discount card
  • Railcard
  • and a “green card” which is part of an initiative at work to have emergency info on hand for students.

Other cards I have which I don’t ordinarily keep in my wallet are a Virgin Money Lounge card (soon to be destroyed), Asda Mobile top up card, Superdrug card (used once to get a 10% discount), Ikea Family card and a discount card for a local department store.

I don’t like leather wallets, so I have a fabric Saltrock one.


Monzo Investor card
Monzo joint card
Lloyds joint card
N26 card
Coconut card
Starling business card
Virgin credit card
Driving licence
Cineworld unlimited card

(Paul) #44

I have a Mighty Wallet with as few cards as I can manage…

Driving License
Tesco Credit Card
NUS Card
Co-op Card


Rocking a navy Ted Baker bi-fold with:

  • Driving license
  • Monzo card
  • Metro card
  • Barclays savings card
  • Halifax reward card (legacy bank)
  • Lloyds platinum (joint account)
  • Lloyds credit (work expenses)
  • Halifax credit (high limit for insurance on larger purchases)
  • Capital One (fuel and emergency use only)
  • £150 cash (recent poker winnings)
  • Fob for work

I still kind of like having a wallet, but prior to receiving this one as a gift from my wife, was using a slim cardholder with 6 ‘essential’ cards. I’d like to slim this one down to 4-6 cards and need to do a serious update of my cards on Google Pay. I haven’t updated GPay since I replaced my phone.

I have a sizeable stack of rewards/points/membership cards at home which I always forget to use and always say I’ll add to my phone using one of the various ‘digital keyring’ apps I invariably trial, bore of and forget to use ever again :see_no_evil:

(Harry Cross) #46

Something cheap I got from Wish:

    1. HSBC Debit
    1. HSBC Credit (soon to be replaced with Virgin Money card)
    1. Monzo (of course)
    1. Starling for Business card
    1. Driving license (provisional)
    1. NUS Discount card

(Thomas Horne) #47

I’ve found the London lounges to have really gone down hill recently. :frowning:


I won’t be missing much then.

I was very unhappy with the takeover by CYBG hence my decision to cut all ties and move my accounts elsewhere.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #49

Thom, what are these lounges all about?

(Dan) #50

What kind of wallet do you guys use? I was thinking of getting a Bellroy but seems overpriced. I currently use a Baldwin denim wallet (yeah I know it is more expensive than a Bellroy).

(Graham - Mental health professional) #51

Just took a look at the Bellroy offerings - nice but yes, overpriced. I have need of a wallet which has room for a car tracker fob - not huge, but prevents me going for an ultra slim model.

(Stephen Ward) #52

Mine is quite minimal. It contains

  • Oyster Card
  • Monzo Card
  • HCPC Registration
  • Stamps
  • Driving License
  • Employee ID


This is the contents of my wallet right now.

No Monzo :zipper_mouth_face: .

  • Curve Black Mastercard Debit.
    To use other cards as and when required.
  • N26 Mastercard Debit.
    My current spending card, Monzo was formally my spending card.
  • Child & Co. Visa Debit (a specific branch branded card from Royal Bank of Scotland).
    My main salary and bills bank account and has my overdraft if needed.
  • Tesco Clubcard.
    Local supermarket to my house.
  • Coop Membership Card.
    Local supermarket to my work.
  • £25 (x2 £10 notes, x3 £1 coins, x2 50p coins, x4 20p coins, x2 10p coins)
    I get taxis a few times per week and my local firm doesn’t accept card payments.

The wallet is an Armani Jeans Mens 938540 CC992 Wallet.

I didn’t have a wallet for about 11 years, then my boss told me I had to have a wallet and after many joking complaints, I bought one.

(Andre Borie) #54

I didn’t have a wallet for about 11 years

How did you manage before? Nowadays you can get away with just Apple Pay, but before that?


I carried 1 card around and any change loose in my pocket.

I did lose a lot of money over the years because of it and my first two Monzo cards had such a rough ride they broke apart.


Monzo cards tend to fall apart every few months anyway :joy:


Stamps!?!? What are these antiques you speak of? :nerd_face::wink:


I splashed out this year and got a Bellroy wallet case for my Pixel 3 XL. Not having to carry around a separate wallet is :+1:


Very much a fan of Bellroy, not owned one but considered for some time.

Unless I really have to change, I’ll be sticking with this for some time as it was a gift and I’m sentimental.

(Thomas Horne) #61

I could explain but the link will do a better job than me… :wink: