What phone are you using? (Late 2018 Edition)

(Andre Borie) #61

I use it too in the control-centre, on the button to clear notifications as well as on the settings app to quickly bring up mobile network settings if I need to switch networks manually.

(Stephen Ward) #62

iPhone XS Max. I still don’t feel comfortable carrying such an expensive phone around with me. Especially when there are much cheaper and equally functional alternatives. The galaxy note 9 looks delicious. First world problem!


Go get a Nationwide FlexPlus current account. Comes with the benefits of being a Nationwide member, and they cover your mobile. £13/month :wink: there’s excess but I don’t think it’s too much considering the price of the phone.


Nokia 8. Also have a Nokia 1 as a secondary phone. Two Moto’s have failed on me this year.

I wonder if I’ll regret buying the Nokia 8 as time goes on but I guess we’ll see. I prefer to buy my phone’s outright and have SIM only. Currently with Giffgaff although they are very self righteous on their community.


I also buy my phones outright and use Plusnet on their £5 per month plan. Suits me. R-

(Jordan Taylor) #66

I’ve had some slowdowns and some issues where the fingerprint sensor wasn’t as responsive over time.
I actually performed a factory reset a few weeks ago and things have definitely improved. Fingerprint sensor works 99% of the time unless it’s wet or dirty!

One issue I have had more recently is that greys have caused some flickering. I’m also experiencing lots of flicker with always on display and night mode.
Might contact Google to make them aware, but not fussed about replacing unless it becomes an issue later on.
Do/did you have any flickering in night mode when the always on display shows @simonb or @nexusmaniac (when you had the 2 XL)?

(Simmy) #67

iPhone SE, had it since last xmas and its never failed me

(Ben ) #68

Upgraded to the iPhone X last month…only to smash the ****** two days ago. Currently using a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 :joy:

…Thank God I’m insured…



(Liam) #70

I made the jump from iOS to Android this Christmas with a Fairphone 2 running LineageOS. Enjoying it very much so far!

I was set on getting a Moto G for a while, but I liked what I saw with the Fairphone: attempts at an ethical supply chain, a very repairable device, and reasonably priced spare parts. An ongoing 24% off sale didn’t hurt either.


Samsung s8

Debating pixel 3 :thinking: no expandable memory though … Also I don’t need a new phone.

Oh and whatever iPhone I scrounged from my dad for free trade

(Simon B) #72

Get a Pixel 3!!!


Bad influence :rofl:


I’ve got the One Plus 3T. Really like it, probably my second favourite phone I’ve ever had, after the Blackberry Bold 9780. That phone was amazing.

I’ll probably get a Huawei or Google Pixel of my next phone when my current contract expires.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #75


No, not really. I’m 60, not bonkers.

(Splodf) #76

I’ve got a OnePlus 6T that’s currently back in its box.

Sticking with my 5T for now.

(Rachel Raybould) #77

Just got iPhone XR in yellow for Christmas :hot_coral_heart:


Xiaomi Redmi 4 still does me proud for lots of things

(Michael) #79

Moto G6 Plus. Excellent phone, as much as I could ever want, at a pretty decent price

Had a Moto G4 till earlier this year. Great phone at a really great price. Unfortunately the battery started to fade and it is getting near impossible to charge it via the micro USB

At about the same time I replaced it I started with Monzo (and Starling) so wanted a phone that had both fingerprint scanning and NFC, and ideally USB-C charging, which the G6 Plus offered up

Only slight hitch is that the fingerprint scanner is sometimes a bit of a law unto itself, not recognising my finger - it seems especially bad on those occasions that Google Pay decides I need to enter my fingerprint again - importance based decision tree!

Next time around I would certainly want a fingerprint scanner that could check more than a slice of my finger at the same time. Maybe wireless charging as well, but lasted the past decade okay without it


iPhone X for my main device and oppo Find X as my secondary/working. Some amazing features on that not least that actual full screen display.