My new Phone - Should I stay or should I go?

  • OnePlus 6
  • iPhone XS Max

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So I’m a bit of a situation today. I placed an order for the OnePlus 6 as I thought I’d finally ditch the iPhone and give Android a go ( I know the 6T is imminent but the 6 would be good enough for me and I got a good deal on it!). However, I heard nothing about the order and assumed it had failed.

That then leads me on to the next point where I purchased myself an iPhone XS Max due for delivery today :slight_smile:

However… I’ve now received a text letting me know my Oneplus 6 will be arriving today… so yeah, both devices will be arriving today :rofl:

So the burning question is… do I carry on my iOS journey and go with the iPhone XS Max or do I give the Android OS a go :slight_smile: ?

Save yourself minimum £500 and go for one of the best phones out there!


Turn on your iPhone. Download your information on iCloud. Look at it to open it…

Then realise it is like the iPhone you had before, just with a pretty screen.

Save 500 quid…


That is some way to describe it right enough!!
Never really thought of it that way.


I’m an iOS owner as well, living with a battered 6s. I went into the Apple shop at the weekend and had a play with the Max. Massive… And heavy.

I’m probably going to make the jump from ios when my 6s dies, or the OnePlus 6T and/or pixel 3 is out.

Apple’s got lazy. Boring phones that are too expensive.


I’ve stuck with iOS really mainly on the fact that it’s just what i’m used to.
It’s weird because with everything else, I’d always go for the one more value for money. Deep down I know the OnePlus 6 is definitely more value for money, but it’s breaking away from that Apple cycle! (if that makes sense!)



I’ve slowly over the years reduced the reliance on the Apple core apps. Google keyboard; outlook for email; Google maps; duck duck go web browser… Etc…

So the jump isn’t that great for me. I’ve used iOS since the 3GS… They use to be the best value, but android has vastly improved.

I turned on my parent’s old Moto G 3 last night. It’s quicker than my 6s. This made up my mind to give up the Apple addiction.


Thanks everyone, this thread has helped me decide what to replace my 5s with (I know, ancient - but still going strong) when it dies. R-


It’s been an interesting poll so far!
It’s switched several times too!!

Not sure I fully understand this logic.

If you want something to physically look different every year, you’d have to go Android, iPhone, Android, iPhone (sorry to the other OS’s out there).

The OnePlus’s have always been really good value, and if people aren’t caught up in the Apple world, then I think they are arguably the best Android phones to go for.

Although comparing a phone which is just about to be replaced (by the 6T), to a brand new, top top end iPhone in the XS Max, is a bit of a skewed comparison.

Especially given how much Android handsets tend to get discounted throughout the year.

@Ryan1992 - Have you considered waiting for the XR?

Although, if you really don’t care about iOS, there isn’t any reason to go for an iPhone.


I’m not sure you’ve read the feed probably.

The user brought two phones. He is debating which to send back.

I’d go with the OnePlus 6, put the additional £500 in a Pot and then wait to see what Google announce next week at their hardware event. A Google Home, Chromecast, and perhaps some refreshed Pixel Buds would go well with your new OP6.

I was massively disappointed in the XS Max when I saw it in stores a couple days ago.


No, I absolutely get that, and without knowing what’s important (cost, OS) etc, it’s really hard to advise.

It was more the “it looks like the last iPhone” comment.

I mean, you are 100% right with what you say - I’ve often felt the same (spending £1000 on something that pretty much looks exactly the same as the last 3 phones you’ve owned, doesn’t have the same feeling anymore).

But if you are into iOS, and like it - There is only one way to go (although I’d still wait for the XR).

If you don’t care about iOS… 100% get OnePlus (or even wait for the 6T).

Considering the original post mentioned getting a good deal on the OnePlus 6 - It would lead you to think that the cost was important.

But then @Ryan1992 dropped the iPhone XS Max bombshell, so I’m not entirely sure anymore! :joy:

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What were you specifically disappointed with?

I think I’m being sent one by work in a few weeks! I wouldn’t have upgraded my X otherwise.

Every time I’ve switched to Android, I’ve been disappointed and switched back within a few months.


Build. Feel. Display quality (especially since I keep getting spammed on Twitter with some crappy advert about how it has the best display calibration etc).

I’m not a Samsung fan but I’ve been blown away looking at the displays on a demo Note 9 in a store for example.

Nothing about the XS Max feels worth the asking price to me and having seen it I reckon this is the real reason for the staggered release with the XR. Side by side, will the XS Max feel worth £300+ more or whatever it is to the XR? I’m not so sure it will.

Particularly with a camera that isn’t even as good as the Pixel 2 from last year.


I think this will be the case for pretty much every iPhone now though (especially to someone who likes Android as well). The cost is absolutely disproportionate to quality (give what else is available) - You can see why people would move to Android now.

I compared my X, with a 7 Plus… and didn’t really see much difference in screen quality - For everyday usage, I don’t think you will.

For graphic intensive videos and games, the better screen will come in handy.

The Pixel 2 seems to be getting hammered now for terrible performance - I’ve seen a few people mention they only use it for the camera (which is clearly one of, if not the best on the market).

But having a laggy phone just to use a decent camera wouldn’t work for me - My sons 6S is still rapid, and iOS12 works a charm.

That the Xs and Xr weren’t released together is very telling. It looks to me like Apple wanted to secure as many sales on the flagship, and therefore the most profitable, before people could compare the cheaper version side by side.

However, I would still wait a couple of weeks. It’s a crucial time of year in the smartphone world and the OnePlus 6T and Pixel 3 are just round the corner. I would wait to see what is announced to see everything available, Android or iOS. With the added bonus that the OnePlus 6 and Pixel 2 will drop in price straight away.


No lag on my Pixel 2 XL, partner has the smaller Pixel 2 and no lag there. Had them both since release.

You do need to do a little bit more regular maintenance - removing apps you no longer use, etc. But that isn’t too difficult.

That’s not to say nobody is having issues. From my experience a certain amount of all phones will develop issues, including Apple.

I got my Pixel 2XL on release day and I adore it. The camera has changed my life (photos wise).

However mine most definitely lags at times. It’s almost always solved by a reset of the phone though.

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