What phone do you use?

(Simon B) #1

And if you’re upgrading soon, what have you got your eye on?

I use a Nexus 6P in Gold and an iPhone 6S in Rose Gold. Nexus is coming up for upgrade soon so I’ll be replacing it with a Google Pixel XL 2 in October/November or so.

What phone are you using? (Late 2018 Edition)

My main phone is Lumia 1520, but I have Blackberry and Android too.

The Microsoft’s Surface Phone looks really cool from the sneak peak seen so far, but no release date yet.

(David watson ) #3

Just recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 in gold, have had nexus phones in the past and loved them, but always end up coming back to iphone :blush:

(Darren Phipson) #4

Samsung S5 - ugrading to Samsung Note 8 later in the year. Or Google Pixel 2 XL, not sure yet but most likely the Note 8 :blush:

(Henry Pedro) #5

iphone 5s 64GB looking to get the 10th Anniversary iphone when that comes out later this year

(Tom Warren) #6

iPhone 7 Matt Black 32GB, I’ll be replacing this with the new iPhone out later this year :slight_smile:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #7

Nexus fan since 2012, currently rocking the Google Pixel XL, 32GB, ‘Quite Black’ :smiley:

Planning on upgrading to the Google Pixel XL 2 (or whatever it’s going to be called) once it’s released :slight_smile:

(Ashley) #8

Main phone is a Lumia 950

(Tommy Long) #9

Got a Pixel when it first came out (great upgrade from the awful Note Edge). Will likely upgrade to a Pixel 2 when it comes out, always tempted by the XL but my existing phone is probably already a little too big!

(Marta) #10

Oneplus 2.

Eyeballing for:

  • new Pixel, but not sure I’ll like the price. But I would like a slightly smaller phone, so non-XL version. Some rumours say something about no jack…
  • Xiaomi mix 2, not sure I’ll like edge to edge screen, but it looks awesome
  • might get Oneplus 5, But I’m angry at OP cause they didn’t do Nougat for OP2 (after months of promises and/or keeping users in the dark!), and I had to install custom ROM myself - why would I buy from them again if they don’t care?

I kinda maybe liked Essential Phone, but no jack, so no deal.

I’m still quite happy with OP2, after tweaking ROM and all, it’s probably most customized phone for my needs, I ever bothered to set up. So I might keep it for one more year in the end… ¯\(ツ)

(Jolin) #11

iPhone 5s. Will either upgrade to an iPhone SE or to its successor, as I don’t want a larger sized phone (and don’t need the cutting edge). Probably close to a year away from upgrading, though. Unless they release an updated SE in September, that might tempt me to jump early. :grin:

(Herp Derp) #12

Cisco IP Phone 7941 :eyes:


iPhone 6S 128GB in Space Black.

Planning to get the new iPhone when it comes but keep eyeing up Android phones.


Recently I got myself an iPhone 7 in Gold - I love it so far though I would’ve preferred a smaller option. Hopefully they update the iPhone SE at some point and that will be my next one.

(Jake Hill) #15

Samsung Galaxy S8 for me! Love how the app fills the screen :heart_eyes:

(Moaria) #16

iPhone 7Plus Jet Black 256GB, got seriously bored with having to delete everything so my phone would run like a greyhound rather than a 3 legged dog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Can’t decide whether to upgrade 10th anniversary phone or to jump ship back to android (always used to have HTC but they seem to have lost the plot recently)


Hmm, … maybe it’s time to ditch my Nokia 3310.

(Rika Raybould) #18

For the troll answer, a Palm Pre 2 or a Softbank SHARP 601SH Aquos Keitai 2. :smile:

The more boring answer is an iPhone 6s. Looking to upgrade to a device that supports FeliCa NFC for arcade game saved data and the Suica Japanese payment system though. :iphone:


Mine won’t hold a charge :frowning:

(Johnny Ellwood) #20

OnePlus 3T, love the OnePlus brand.