What phone are you using? (Late 2018 Edition)


+1 for sideloading with adb


I have a galaxy s9. I used to have a strong dislike for Samsung (touchwiz​:face_vomiting::face_vomiting:) so this is my first samsung device and it is fantastic! The software is actually good now. I prefer it to “stock” android .


iPhone 6s+ and have no real reason to upgrade. I have been looking at the one plus 6t because I refuse to pay Apple and Googles ridiculous prices for phones.

I might just stick with my 6s+ until we get some realistic phone prices

(David I) #44

iPhone 7.

Considering an XR but concerned that:

  • It will be too big (I think the 7 is more than large enogh - I dont want a bigger phone)
  • I will miss force-touch

(Tom) #45

iPhone X here, am able to upgrade in Feb, but will probably hold off until the next round of iPhones.


iPhone XS :slight_smile:


XS Max.

Great for holding it in 2 hands, on the sofa, browsing, playing games or taking photos.

Too big and heavy for one handed use - The X (or XS) is the perfect size IMO!


Pixel 3 XL, 128gb Just Black here.


I would just wait for when 5G is widely rolled out in the UK. I’d say probably will happen around 2021-2022.

Maybe later in some less populated areas of course.

(Richard) #50

iPhone 7 here, but the battery is about done.

Trying to decide between buying an X or XS.

Can get £160 from apple for my 7 towards the cost of the XS…

(Andre Borie) #51

Trying to decide between buying an X or XS.

If you’re happy with the form factor then X is a good option from a cost point of view.

(Richard) #52

Yeah, there’s that.

It’s more for the camera that i’m considering the XS, plus do get a minor work discount with Apple (think there’s £20 difference in the end between it and the X)

(Tom) #53

Have you looked at the XR? It’s meant to be pretty good in terms of features/price-point.

(Richard) #54

I have, but I actually use 3D touch… don’t think I could let that go :wink:

(Jack Oldmeadow) #55

My phone is up for renewal early next year, currently using an iPhone X. By far the best phone I have owned!

There is one issue, I love Apple but the Pixel 3 and Samsung S9 have caught my eye. Is it worth changing to android?

Other alternatives are going sim only so I can reduce monthly payments by a vast amount!


Aren’t all of the new iPhone’s 3D Touch free?


The XR doesn’t have 3D touch.

Despite his best efforts @Chimpofdoom was the only person to ever actually use it! :joy:


I’m stuck with a moto E5 plus after my Huawei P10 plus was taken when I got mugged.

That being said the massive 5000mah battery on this device has been amazing, upgrade due in April and still deciding what I’ll go for.


Wrong :wink: I used to use it as well when iPhone was my main

(Marc Dando) #60

I’ve got the Moto G6 Play which I think is a very decent phone for £149.