What phone are you using? (Late 2018 Edition)

It’s been 18 months since the last thread started. So I figured it’s time for a new one, as a fair few people will be rocking different models now compared to that thread!

I’m still duel-wielding : my main device is the Pixel 2 XL (Panda White/Stormtrooper), and my secondary device is the iPhone XR (Product RED).

Despite the XR being the newer device and rocking a more powerful processor, there’s still quite a bit that I prefer about the Pixel 2 XL, not least of all the far better camera, and Android’s long standing superior notifications, file management system and widgets. That said, the XR’s processor is no joke, it runs graphically intensive apps and games incredibly smoothly, there’s a very nice elegance to the way Apple have built the gesture-based navigations once you get the hang of it, and the battery life is incredible.

So… what are you rocking at the moment, and are you planning an upgrade any time soon?

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I’m using the Huawei P Smart. I like it and it has some good features. If I bought anything else it would be for the sake of it rather than necessity.

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iPhone 7 Plus. May upgrade next year on the new iPhones when they get announced.

Huawei P20 in Twilight. I just got it, giving my Pixel 2 to my bestie.

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Still on iPhone 5s but it’s dying slowly.
Looking at iPhones in the sales but haven’t decided yet, if I can get through til after Christmas I might go android next


OnePlus 6 and loving it. Just an amazing device which has not let me down.
My other phone is a iPhone 5s which I never really bothered to upgrade but good to have because of some FinTechs who still prefer iOS, I am looking at you Freetrade :eyes:


I’ve moved up from my 6s to an X. I was concerned about using FaceID, but it’s really good in my experience. There’s definitely a little learning to be done to get the best out it.

It also has the best battery life I’ve had out of any iPhone I’ve ever owned.

I too am starting to struggle with a 5S. Looking at the XR. R-

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iPhone 6s with a brand new battery.
Lots of life in this bad boy :smirk:


Pixel 2 XL here. Not tempted by the 3, holding out for the 4 next year.

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Pixel 2 XL Panda since launch last year, running DP/Beta/stock release Pie along the way. No plans to change to 3(XL) - not enough power boost between generations to justify. I may upgrade next time depending on the hardware available then. The current iPhone range looks inviting from a hardware view but I have an unfortunate, personal dislike of the walled Apple ‘consumer’ (shoot me if you want) eco-system. And I’m so far into the Google services eco-system - which works incredibly well for me - that I have a clear bias to Android. Each to his own.

The Galaxy Note 9 is the one that had me closest to switching this year, but that UI/UX :face_with_raised_eyebrow: coupled with losing the 2XL camera AI, no.

Roll on 2019!


I’m rocking a Galaxy S9 Plus. I love Samsung’s screens and while not as good as the Pixel, the camera is no slouch.

I’ve had Samsung’s in the past and hated the bloated software but it feels much better these days

Dual-wielding an iPhone 8 and an XS. Keeping the XS only for pictures - its day to day usability is worse than the 8.

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OnePlus 5 and an iPhone SE.

I think the 5 is getting very close to my perfect phone, to be honest. I might be tempted to upgrade to something like the OnePlus 7, but thinking about it there’s very little that I’d want that for. And this handset is still lightning fast - it’s nice to keep the headphone jack.

If your 5S is dying might be worth giving it a new battery which should boost performance (iPhones compensate for battery degradation by lowering the processor’s speed).

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Did that 2 weeks ago. They think it’s something else costing £90 and said it wasn’t worth doing


Picked up a coral XR. Best phone I’ve ever had. Face ID is phenomenal. The battery is amazing, easily lasts all day. Picture quality is ace, although that Pixel night shot tech has my eye.

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Pretty much the iPhone XS Max non stop, though I do have a Pixel 2 XL in its box in my desk drawer.

How do you manage 2 phones @simonb? Do you always have both with you and you just switch in and out as and when…?


Yup, pretty much.

All my media consumption on the move is done on the Pixel, because my Pixel Buds are paired to it. My LG Watch Style and Fitbit Charge are both paired to the Pixel as well, so when I’m on the move, those things combined tend to mean the Pixel battery gets a bigger hit.

I don’t use the mobile number on the iPhone, so if anyone calls it I know it’s spam. I don’t have WhatsApp on it either, so it’s much less busy with notifications.

I’ve got an iPhone X (personal) and iPhone SE (work). Moved back over to Apple back in December because I really fancied an Apple Watch 3 Cellular. Thought I’d miss Android, haven’t really looked back.

Still have a Wileyfox Swift 2 if I want to play with any Android stuff although it recently sufferered a tumble onto a concrete floor so Swipe to Unlock is now Slice to Unlock :frowning: