What phone are you using? (Late 2018 Edition)

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #21

Having rocked Nexus (and Pixel) phones since 2012 with the launch of the Nexus 4 (prettiest phone in the universe. :heart_eyes:) it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t break that trend :joy:

So I’m using a Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Black :sunglasses:

Really loving this phone, the camera is nuts and the whole phone just feels slick! I wish I didn’t need a case :sob: but I can’t afford to break an £800 phone :sweat_smile: the glass back might not look as nice as the Nexus 4’s but it feels so smooth and soft - pretty weird way to describe glass, I know.

That’ll be me until this time next year where I’ll almost definitely be praising the Pixel 4 XL :wink:


I’m using an iPhone 6S Plus as well as a OnePlus 5T. Thinking about going full iPhone for the added security.

(Ravi) #23

On my first iPhone after only ever having an Android phone for the last ten years.

Got a 7 Plus and can’t believe how well it performs relative to the Pixel XL I switched from (which is the same age).


OnePlus 5T. Still as snappy as day one. Battery still lasts a day and a half usage dependant.

(Andy Hughes) #25

Still rocking my OnePlus 3T. Lots of nice phones around but to be honest I’m still really happy with this one.

(Jordan Taylor) #26

Pixel 2 XL
Which is infact my second one as the first one had a dead pixel (no pun intended) and faulty fingerprint sensor!


Have you experienced this?

(Liam) #28

An iPhone SE that is falling to pieces in my hand, but still functioning! :partying_face:

I’ve abused this phone long enough and I fear the end is near, not sure where I’m going next though. I’m increasingly unhappy with iOS and Apple but don’t want to touch Google’d Android either. I’m looking at LineageOS and friends, but am not massively confident.


Lineage doesn’t have GApps which is a bit aids since 97.268746% of the Play Store requires it, on top of that you suddenly have no Google services in general. Not sure if Monzo will work on it either, as I recall some banks flag android forks.

(Simon B) #30

I’ve had the P2XL since launch with no issues. No lag, no slowdown, no screen issues, nada.

That tweet got attention because the author is the owner of the most popular Android blog. Proof that a dodgy unit can end up in anyone’s hands.


I see there are some good sale prices for P2 and P2XL - might have to change my tack on the XR. R-

(Allie) #32

Lineage can’t legally include Google apps but they take seconds to install at the same time…

Also, Monzo doesn’t check SafetyNet

(Allie) #33

I experienced occasional lag on the Pixel 2 (not XL). Nothing awful just… Not as butter smooth as a flagship should be?

(Scott) #34

I’m probably outdated now lol given how many new phones apples now releasing :joy: so mines iPhone 8 have been looking at the pixel though but always been iPhone so something I need to pluck up the courage to switch :smiley:

(Johnny Ellwood) #35

Currently rocking the OnePlus 6T 8GB RAM and 256GB storage model. Only had OnePlus phones since the OnePlus One.

(Brian Hunter) #36

I’ve got a Pixel 2. Probably keep it as long as I can, or until something really shiny comes in 2019/20.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #37

iPhone 8 init


Yeah but why even go to Lineage unless your phone is well out of date, or you don’t want Google anywhere near your phone, tbh

(Brian Hunter) #39

Sort of hobby. I don’t play about with different ROMs these days, but I used to do it out of interest and the enjoyment of tinkering about with things.

(Sacha) #40

Using an S8+. Have no issues with it, will probably wait a year or so and then replace when 5G phones start rolling out.