What music are you listening to at the moment?

I was thinking of a time when holidays were more possible (I’m in Level 3 Glasgow :cry:) and remembered staying in Berlin with a few friends and the owner of the place was a member of an international rap puppet group called Puppetmastaz.

I then watched a video and now it’s stuck in my head and the puppets in my nightmares hah :eyes:

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Hey David.

I do like the B-sides also, as does one of my Graphic Design teachers at GCSE.

On another note he recommended Ice Machine which was covered by Royksopp.

He’s currently shaking the disease however.

SOFAD is :ok_hand: I do concur. Had Mercy in You on in the shower, as well as Get Right With Me.

That’s quite cool there Nick! You can’t truly believe that words are unnecessary or do you make an exception for the Monzo forums :wink: People are People so why should it be people get along with Monzo so awfully bangs large object

All good songs. Red Red Wine springs to mind, as well as Paranoid by Black Sabbath… that’s pretty cool there Simon. Perhaps I’ll one day play in a Synthpop band with other (hard to find) likeminded teenagers haha

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Reliving my teenage years.

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Because I’ve just finished reading Sara and Keren’s book, I’ve been listening to Bananarama again recently. This song seems the perfect one to share right now:

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I’m a bit late catching up on this thread so excuse the outdatedness…

This genuinely offends me a bit :joy: I find myself unironically listening to their 2020 and 2021 Eurovision songs on Spotify sometimes lol

If you want a surprise, take a look at our entry’s writing credits, he’s (co-)written some big hitters:

Perhaps he should stick to writing, he did sound a bit out of breath on stage :man_shrugging: …but 0 points? Come on, have you seen Germany?!

I’m inclined to agree with you. I thought both Switzerland and France had cracking songs this year.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying The Darkness That You Fear by the Chemical Brothers at the moment.

Big thanks to the April Apple Event for introducing me to it! They always have great music choices.


French song was okay for me, but not soooo impressive tbh :neutral_face:
I’d prefer UK song over French in this year contest :blush:

Song from the last episode of America’s got talent, I really like it.