What music are you listening to at the moment?


Love a bit of Vaporwave! I personally find the ‘Simpsonwave’ ones to be especially nostalgia-inducing, not to mention deeply psychedelic…


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New Kanye album tomorrow.

Really hoping he’s gone back to his old days!

The Dee Gees :grin:

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and :bananadance:

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Nearly 30 years (man I feel old) and still very much going strong


An undeniable classic, although In Utero has the edge for me!

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Both excellent albums, but for me the raw energy of Bleach has the edge.

(And I really like the compilation album Incesticide as well, some top covers and Aneurysm there.)

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Bleach is brilliant for sure, “School” has always been my favourite from that one. Definitely “Aneurysm” and “Sliver” from Incesticide. Can’t go wrong with Nirvana!

One story I have that always makes me laugh - I used to rehearse with my band at a place near Old St station called Fortress which had rehearsal space downstairs and studios upstairs. One day Steve Albini (who produced In Utero) was recording upstairs and sent someone down to the rehearsal space to say we were playing too loud :joy::joy::joy: I thought that was hugely ironic.


Both amazing records. For me it’s a nostalgia thing with Nevermind, trundling to Alton Towers as a grumpy young teenager when all of a sudden the DJ on the radio played a new song, SLTS came on and boom I was sold :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So I think because of that Nevermind pips In Utero

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