What music are you listening to at the moment?

(Brenda Wong) #28

I am obsessed with a band called Flyte right now. Very old school vibes, and their debut album is absolutely gorgeous. First came across them at a Sofar Sounds gig and have been a fan ever since.

Check out their incredible album cover too - so classic!

Must listens

  • Faithless
  • Orphans of the Storm
  • Their cover of Archie, Marry Me at the very end

(Richard Cadman) #29

Three songs I have on repeat at the moment:

Some 80s Aretha

South London jazz scene regular Tom Misch’s latest single (new album out soon :open_mouth: )

Some funky Cory Wong (Vulfpeck’s guitarist)


I have an obsessions playlist - those songs I play over and over… some samples

(I seem to be in an airy chilled vibe at the moment!)

Been getting back into some house tho’

Then I have my guilty pleasures list…

(But maybe I won’t share those, hehe)


I’ve been listening to Faithless, but a different one

(Sunny Yu) #32

A song titled ‘Neon Pink’

(Leon) #33

(Leon) #34



(Jack Donovan) #36

Right now? This :kissing:

I recommend good speakers

(Leon) #37

(Simon B) #38

This ultimate classic just popped up on my Google Play Music station.

I was absolutely dismayed last year when Selena Gomez did an absolutely terrible cover of this for the soundtrack to the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. I liked the show, but it was a terrible cover.

(Leon) #39

I just listened to the Selena Gomez cover and it’s not that bad, sure it’s quite different to the original but that was the whole point.

(Peter McDonald) #40

At the moment I have been listening to Aenema by Tool

Ended up buying the album as I was constantly watching the videos on youtube.

(Simon B) #41

So for me the amazing thing about Yazoo is that you have a synthesizer genius doing the music (Vince Clarke, also of Depeche Mode and Erasure) and then Alison Moyet is an absolutely powerhouse of a vocalist.

The Selena Gomez version doesn’t have either of those things. It rips out the synth line which is totally key to the song, and Selena isn’t an amazing singer.

So then the only saving grace is that it’s still an amazing song. But it basically has none of the elements that made the original song great.

(Leon) #42

I agree with you totally. I was listening to her voice as it’s the first time I’ve listened to her (lucky me!) and her voice does nothing for me.

(Peter McDonald) #43

Ok so now I am actually listening to Anathema - Keep Talking Live featuring Stephen Hawking

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #44


(Is Santa here yet?) #45

Not sure if this is how to post a Spotify link, but let’s see…

Edit: it worked! It’s my housework play list for loud bad singing when I’m on my own and is far better than the preview suggests


(Dom) #47

Hamilton soundtrack :heart_eyes: