What music are you listening to at the moment?

I spent yesterday revisiting the Gene back catalogue.

Having a return to my youth day…so listened to Pocket Full of Kryptonite by Spin Doctors and rememberd hoqw many great tracks were on it! Gave Bridge of Spies by T’Pau a go…lasted 2 songs…awful!! Now got No Jacket Required by Phil Collins playing in the office…I am guessing its rose tinted memories kicking up, but really enjoying it!

is it still none?

Right this second…

One of my old favourites.

Long Tall Sally by Little Richard.

Extra Points Question

Some of you may know it from an amazing film scene in a helicopter. What film was it?

These guys. New band. NIN meets Kasabian and has some form of Chemical Brothers offspring.

They are very good!

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I remember buying this album when it came out in 1995 and for me it still holds up as one of his greatest albums. I was also lucky enough to see the tour in London, and for all the hundreds I’ve gigs I’ve been to over the years, the only person that ever matched it was Prince.

This album was so ahead of it’s time. Can you imagine an environmental protest song like Earth Song topping the charts today like it did in Xmas 1995? I can’t. Michael even took a shot at Trump on the song “Money” amongst a list of notorious American megarich families who “would do anything for money” along with the likes of Rockefeller and Getty.

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No fraid not. Plenty of bangers!


:loud_sound: One, two princes kneel before you…

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I used an applet on IFTTT to add songs from top rated posts on r/listentothis to a playlist, so currently listening to that. I recognise none of the tracks and very few of the artists, some great stuff in there though!

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New blink-182 album out today…it’s pretty standard stuff, but an easy listen :slight_smile:

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New Korn album was out last week, some belters in that


One of my favourite albums of all time just turned 20 years old so if you’re feeling brutal then put this masterpiece on!

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Dunno why, but this felt like the right album for today.


Today I have mostly been listening to this:

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They certainly look familiar… :wink:


Perhaps we should book them for the Coral Crew Christmas party?

(Serious question: is this mix available on streaming/download? The Spotify version is… Different!)

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I’d have to check but it’d either be on our Soundcloud or Bandcamp :grinning: Yeah, we pretty radically reworked the album after already having released a few singles from it.

That album took us over 9 years, about 11 different configurations, recorded and mixed in three different continents, and ultimately led to the breakup of the band. But that video was extremely fun to make. We shot it on a Bollywood soundstage with a crew of about 100 people.


How on earth did you find that! :smiley: