What mobile games do you play?

I’m absolute pants at console games since the controls stump me, but I cycle between games frequently and would love more recommendations (I spend a good 2-4 hours daily on mobile games lol), but I’d love recommendations for good role-playing games if you’ve got any. Also interested to see what genres most people like!

I’m currently playing Marvel Contest of Champions, School Idol Festival and a café game. I used to play Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, and Brave Frontier but stopped since it increasingly relied on needing IAP. Some classics I occasionally play are Plants vs Zombies 2, Fallout Shelter and Cooking Dash. IAP is a slippery slope, the moment you start paying for “just one time” that’s it, the subsequent ones come really easily :joy::weary:

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Flappy Bird is my favourite. Sucker for it!

Oh man I hated it! I never got past 5 and it got my heart rate up so much with panic :joy: (I would probably enjoy it more if I was better at it, or if I stopped screaming while playing it. Mashing you finger frantically on the screen unfortunately does not beget results)

I got up to 50 but that was as good as I could get.

My brother got 275 I think. I accused him of cheating and then watched him play it, he got to 200 ish before I was convinced. I never understood the appeal though.

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Still a proud player of Pokémon Go myself.

I loved it to start but the appeal quickly went for me.

I bow down to him! What a ledge.

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I play it on long coach rides now when it’s just pulling into London. Where I stay currently there are little stops or Pokemon, if at all. It was amazing when it first started, I’ve never seen mania like that spread across so many generations. I loved it


My personal best at Flappy Bird was like 30 I think - @evangelskies your brother is cheating, I don’t care how but I can’t imagine legitimately getting 200 at that game, that’s crazy!

Here are some games I used to play a lot:

My current favourite is Alto’s Adventure: Alto’s Adventure by Snowman

Thought that at first until I watched him! He beats me in every game since I we were kids, he just takes something I like and does it better basically :roll_eyes:

I’ve seen monument valley advertised on the app store a ton, how much gameplay can you get out of it?

Probably not going to pay £5 for something I can’t play well :weary::cry:

I’d say an hour or two, can’t remember exactly as it’s been a while I played it… :confused:

I played this a lot and still do occasionally but now I’ve switched to Elders Scrolls: Legends on my iPad.

Alto’s Adventure is amazing! I beat every level and have a certificate that they showed at the end of the game to prove it! It took ages lol.

I got over 300 on Flappy Bird - I’ll just say this, it helps to have rhythm!

Monument Valley is another great one. Haven’t bought the sequel yet but will soon.


The ‘Bloons’ TD series from Ninjakiwi are pretty fun to play - they are however paid for games as well as some in-app purchases to make levels easier but by no means P2W. There’s a new game called Monkey City released by them however there’s more of a P2W element but the base game is free for you to check out!

Many many hours of balloon popping fun! :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:

I think the sequel is due out soon!

I’ve never been a ‘gamer’ and only play games on my phone occasionally, but Alto’s Adventure is probably the game I’ve played most in my life.

I’m also really into Eggs Inc at the moment, though I’m probably reaching the limit with it.

And thanks to Hello Internet, this week I’ve been glued to Universal Paperclips.

I’ve just started playing two dots - extremely addictive.