Nintendo Switch Chat

(Sean) #1

I have no idea how many Switch owners there are on here but with all the references to Millennials I’m sure there must be plenty of 90s kids who still hold a flame for Nintendo!

(Sean) #2

Been playing so much Mario Party for the last few days. Really takes me back to N64 days!

(Kian Horton) #3

I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch, best console I’ve purchased in some time.


I play a puzzle game on it mostly :see_no_evil:

I’m waiting for Pokemon, Civ and Animal Crossing though

(Lancelot Payne) #5

To be fair just waiting Pokemon and Smash Bros :slight_smile: Pokemon comes out on my birthday that’s a bonus haha

(John) #6

Bought my Nintendo Switch awhile back and absolutely love it!

Played Zelda until I couldn’t any longer. Waiting for Pokemon now :smiley:


We are getting a switch and 2 games each for Christmas. Deciding on the games is a bit difficult

(Sean) #8

Fairly certain all of my Christmas presents this year are going to be switch related! Just wish that the joycons weren’t so expensive


Mario Kart, Mario Kart, and more Mario Kart :heart_eyes: lol.