Nintendo Switch Chat

I have no idea how many Switch owners there are on here but with all the references to Millennials I’m sure there must be plenty of 90s kids who still hold a flame for Nintendo!


Been playing so much Mario Party for the last few days. Really takes me back to N64 days!

I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch, best console I’ve purchased in some time.

I play a puzzle game on it mostly :see_no_evil:

I’m waiting for Pokemon, Civ and Animal Crossing though


To be fair just waiting Pokemon and Smash Bros :slight_smile: Pokemon comes out on my birthday that’s a bonus haha

Bought my Nintendo Switch awhile back and absolutely love it!

Played Zelda until I couldn’t any longer. Waiting for Pokemon now :smiley:

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We are getting a switch and 2 games each for Christmas. Deciding on the games is a bit difficult

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Fairly certain all of my Christmas presents this year are going to be switch related! Just wish that the joycons weren’t so expensive

Mario Kart, Mario Kart, and more Mario Kart :heart_eyes: lol.

I got a Switch for Christmas! Loving it so far :smiley:

Any suggestions for games I could play with my 3 year old? I think he’s slightly young but wasn’t sure what was out there.

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There’s a paw patrol game I’ve seen, not sure what the game play is like for a 3 year old but since the show is aimed at preschool it might be ok

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Mario Kart is a great start.

If you fancy a cheaper (but still excellent) alternative have a look for All Star Fruit Racing.

Pokémon Let’s Go would be good too as it’s 2 player.

Ooh! And Labo is great for father son time. If you keep an eye on HotUK deals you should be able to pick it up for £20.

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Mario Kart 8 is great because with autosteer and autoaccelerate enabled (which they are by default) its hard for a kid to not at least finish, therefore avoiding the anger and frustration.

It successfully distracted four young cousins this Christmas. ^^


Thanks for the suggestions, was already planning on getting Mario Kart, will have a look for the Paw Patrol game too, he loves that!

Is there any real difference between download vs buying a physical copy of games?

Yes! A physical copy means having to put the card in the machine every time you want to play it

I’d download it and save yourself having to get off the sofa :stuck_out_tongue:


So I got a Switch for Christmas for us all to share

Crash bandicoot Nsane trilogy - I used to be a lot better at this :joy:
Over cooked 2 - I’m rubbish
Super Smash Bros Utimate - I play as the Ice climbers as they’re so annoying
Legend of Zelda - kids are both addicted
Donkey Kong - they haven’t let me play it yet :rage:


So no real difference other than swapping cartridges. I think download is the way forward then! Got a physical copy of Zelda as it’s a big game, but might download Mario Kart tonight!

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Enjoying Smash? I haven’t played it in any of its incarnations but I’m thinking about it for my next buy.

@Hatticus Yup, as far as I know. I suppose going for downloads means that you’ll need to buy a microSD card sooner rather than later but they can be picked up pretty reasonably.

I (stupidly?) bought a Wii U mostly for Zelda Breath of the Wild, so have been unable to justify getting a Switch … until there’s the new Metroid (and the hardware refresh?) … not a big fan of 3D Marios / Smashes, everything else including indie games I find my PS4 caters very well for.

Yeah it’s really good, need a lot more practice. The stages and music selection is great. Beating up the Wii Fit trainer is a highlight :joy: