Nintendo switch lite game recommendations

I am getting a Nintendo switch lite for my birthday which comes with Zelda wild breath. As well as Pokemon go evee, wondered anyone here has recommendations?

My Switch was mostly used for Stardew Valley. It’s a great game for very little money.

Super Mario Odyssey
Crossing Souls
Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Think this is a good starting point!

That’s on my want list but the kids say it’s supposed to be really hard.

Yeah it’s really unforgiving.

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Should try Celeste that’s even more unforgiving.

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Breath of the wild, mario kart and Tetris 99.

I’ve clocked over 250 hours in breath of the wild :joy:

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Untitled Goose Game!


Happy birthday :tada:

Birthday will be 10 October lol but other half got it for me and will not open till that date.