Family Games for Quarantine

Thought I’d start a topic to see what people are doing to keep themselves and family entertained during the current situation.
We’ve bought Just Dance 2020 on offer for £20, it has a month of free ‘unlimited’, so basically every song from the past decade.
Up to 8 people can play with their phones, it’s a great bargain right now and such a laugh :slight_smile::+1:

Currently printing these out for tomorrow

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I love this. Also I think their business persona is great, even their FAQ is interesting to read.

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Simple, straightforward games are good; so I’ve been playing a lot of Love Letter: Batman. Exploding Kittens is also in the rotation. Can thoroughly recommend both (though in the case of Love Letter, any version will do if you can’t get hold of Batman, it’s only the art that’s different).

I’d quite like to play Ticket to Ride, but that’s proving a hard sell to household companions.

I’ve always been intrigued by exploding kittens, will have to buy it :slight_smile:
Also got the old poker set out, that’s good and plenty of simple games to play. You can play for chocolate mini eggs. (Depending on your view of teaching children basic gambling…)

Ticket to Ride has been a divisive game in my household! Some people love it but personally I always found it’s a bit too linked to random card drawing and there’s far too much time spent sat in silence doing nothing between turns.

There is a bit of luck involved with the card drawing, but I don’t mind that. Part of the fun is having your initial strategy disrupted by the luck of the draw and having to come up with a new plan on the hoof. Do you go a different way to complete the route? Do you try and get a coast-to-coast link instead? Do you try and see what your oppenent is wanting to connect and aim to block/frustate them instead? Even when a game looks unwinnable I’ll still be thinking how to get the best result for myself - because you never know when you might win because another player has some hugely painful incomplete tickets in their hand!

I’m finding it hard to think of any game I play* where the result is dependent on pure skill. There’s always an element of luck involved be it with the draw (Ticket to Ride, Exploding Kittens, Love Letter, Cards Against Humanity) or with the die roll (Catan).

I’ve never had ‘silence between turns’ problems because I’m always using that time to work out what to do, consider what my opponents will do, how I could counter, etc. There’s also the chance to talk between turns, be it idle chat or game chat (bluffing, misdirection). I’d suggest playing to the clock might help if players are glacially slow - not necessarily blitz speed, but certainly ‘that should be long enough’. I find Scrabble much worse for ‘aeons of silence between turns’ myself.

*No-one will play Go with me.

A fair point regarding the element of chance - I guess it always just seemed a bit more of an issue with TtR for me personally.

Scotland Yard is very good for this (if you have enough people to play with).

There is strip poker. I hear that’s a wholesome family experience.

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We play mostly poker and monopoly. Also we have MTG.

We’ve bought 51 Worldwide Games for the Switch. It’s really well done and tons of fun, especially if you have more than one Switch.
Some great games on it that I had no idea even existed. It explains the games really simply and let’s you just explore.

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