Pokemon Go 👀

Who’s still playing then?


Does it still exist?!

Yesss. New Pikachu hat yesterday.

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It’s actually good at making you walk that extra bit while out and about, I don’t play it, but my neighbours do when walking their dogs, they actually do much more walking while playing than not, the dogs like it, they get more exercise so its a win win situation.

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Was a 5 min fad for me :sweat_smile:

I’ve never seen a game have a real world impact like Pokemon Go.

I went into Town with my son during the height of popularity (about 1 week into the 2 week craze), and it was heaving with people playing! It was crazy.

The developers missed a trick with the app though, and just didn’t progress for so long, people got bored (appreciate its still played by many, but it could have been even bigger).

They’ve only just introduced trading, which would have been one of the big things to keep people playing.

Plus… only the original Pokemon are the best - I never watched it after they added more.


Whatever happened to those people who quit their jobs to become professional Pokemon Go players? The press was full of stories at the time

Haven’t played in at least a year… It’s probably a whole different game now, but yeah the craze was insane at the time, people everywhere playing it!

Apparently there’s a really big community in Manchester!

I still play, but only casually.

I’ve never really played it.

I’m more of an Ingress person, I’ve been playing that since 2012. Gone off it a bit recently, though :frowning:


When we went to Toronto it had just got crazy - the amount of people you could see playing it around the docks was crazy!!

We got lots of Tauros which were region specific haha!

I’m excited waiting for the new game to come to Switch!!


I learned on Friday that some of the guys at work used to use the test equipment (a GPS simulator) to feed artificial positional data into their phone antennas to spoof their positions and so find more pokemon.

A good use for a £100,000 bit of kit that I think may not have been wholly approved by management!


Me tooooo. It was bought for me for my birthday so I’ve been waiting :see_no_evil:

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I’ve actually made a lot of real life friends through this game. Ended up showing up at the same raids and now we are good friends :slight_smile:

Level 39 Mystic, the grind to Level 40 is real…