What is "NW MASTERCARD" on my statement?

Anyone know what “NW MASTERCARD” is? It is showing on my statement as a direct debit.

I haven’t set this up. Is it a scam?

Please help they’re taking money every month. A

Just a guess, but judging by a Google search it seems like it could be a NatWest Credit Card?

I’d chat with Monzo about it, if it’s wrong they’ll reverse it through the Direct Debit guarantee.

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Are you sure it’s not yours?

If you’re sure, cancel it.

Do you have a Nat West credit card?

If not, ask Monzo. If you scroll to the bottom there’ll be an option to get help.

Looks to be related to RBS / NatWest group.

Or potentially Nationwide.

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You say showing up on your statement, so a payments gone already :eyes:

Or do you mean the DD is showing up in the payments part of the app. You’ll have been notified when the DD was set up, so if payments not gone, just cancel it.

Edit - I somehow missed the vital part where you said payments are going out :flushed: whoops

Cancel it and contact Monzo, how come you’ve not noticed it before though as you’d get a notification.

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