Cancelling my switch

Hey everyone, I joined Monzo the other day and I went on to switch my Natwest bank details over to my Monzo account, the reason that I cancelled with Natwest is because they keep charging me random amounts from things I must have used my card for when I was younger because I have been with them for years. So will all those companies have access to this new Monzo account details?
I want to cancel my switch if that is the case because that is the last thing I want. Is it too late?
If it is too late to cancel it then can I undo it at all?

Yes you can cancel your switch. But only 7 days before your switch date. If you stop later they will stop to transfer your payments… but your old account will be closed anyway and your bank will be unable to help you

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ahh it’s 6 days away, on the 30th. So will all the companies that has my previous card details or natwest now have access to automatically bill my new bank?

Direct debits and standing orders will be moved across.

Recurring payments from your debit card will not be switched.

Thank you, will I be able to see which direct debits I have on there once it has switched then?


Ok Thanks for your help

You should be able to see this in the NatWest app fyi.

If you open the app click on the account in question underneath the account details and balance will be Direct Debits. All agreed direct debits are listed there.

oh I’ll try that then, thank you

I wouldn’t advise that you just cancel the direct debits because there is still the potential for you to rack up debt with these companies. They can then chase you down when the debt has amassed to a large amount which can also have a severe impact on your credit file too.

I’d suggest that you log into your Natwest account, write down all the ones you don’t recognise and call each company. Double check they’re legitimate and that you’re outside of your contract, then ask them to cancel it from their end.


ok awesome thank you so much I didn’t think of that

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You should be working out who’s charging you ‘random’ amounts. And then get them cancelled.
Switching banks wont make these charges go away, it will rack up debt because you’re not paying these charges.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Don’t worry it’s not as scary or hard work as you may think and hopefully it shouldn’t take you too long to sort. Good luck! :blush:

Awesome, take care :slight_smile:

You can see them all in the Monzo app and cancel any you no longer want

It can be recurring card payments not Direct Debits… so you will be unable to check this.
Check by company name in your statement… like Netflix, Spotify etc they are not using Direct Debits… And contact them directly to avoid any unpaid charges

oh ok I will have a look at this too, cheers!


Not only that, but having Monzo will make these a lot easier to root out and cancel, because you get at least 24h warning on every DD payment, so you can’t miss them.

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Yeah I haven’t I have sorted it all out now but thanks everyone for your help

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