CASS - DD Not Accepted

Question - if I do the CASS from my Natwest account, there is at least one company who currently do not allow/accept/work with Monzo for Direct Debit or CPA.

What happens with this if I do it? How can I be protected? Do they have to legally accept Monzo? It’s my final concern about closing everything down.

Full switch it’ll just be redirected so if they don’t update they’ll use your old details which are linked to your Monzo

CPA is different tho afaik, that needs updating as the card is cancelled

It’s for an older student loan and the final CPA payment is this Friday so I’ll just leave it then switch.


As per BACS rules they have to accept Monzo. This is not really law, though again I doubt they have any grounds to sue upon considering you are providing a valid payment instrument and they’re just not taking it.

So I suggest you switch and if payments fail just let them sort it out (you’ll find it surprising how companies magically get their shit together when their wallet is at stake).


I did that originally - I changed the DD details and it was accepted on the website. Didn’t think about it and two months later they hadn’t received payments and I was hit with charges.

The call centre is US based so they have little clue about UK banking and just kept saying “We didn’t get the money” so I changed it back to my NatWest one, which works.

I was hit with charges

Don’t pay them? I can say that you now owe me 1000£ because I want to go shopping today. Doesn’t necessarily mean that I have any way of actually forcing you to pay, and I’d look pretty stupid if I went to court to try and recover that. Same thing with those idiots.

Don’t pay until they either sort it out or switch providers completely and leave them with the fees unpaid (so if you’ve already paid them, subtract them from your last invoice).

I tried and failed. They simply said that the transaction didn’t get authorised. The details were right (bank details) and they said “the payment went through” but then it didn’t.

With the fact my credit file now has two month’s missing payment and they were threatening default I just paid the charges and owed money.

Who are these bunch of incompetents so we can avoid them?

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They provide private student loans, this was before the government brought in postgraduate loans. Thankfully I’m two months off being rid of them.