What if my usual bank transfer didn't produce any top-up?

Hi, I’m not freaking out … yet!

Nov 12 18:18 the usual bank transfer from my bank’s mobile app. The transfer is saved so I don’t need to change anything, only the amount I want to top-up. This time the Monzo’s notification doesn’t show up. I thought this time it requires more time, let’s wait. The day after I needed to pay but my balance was unchanged. I thought the bank transfer went wrong so I did top-up with the same method. My balance changed after few seconds. I checked my bank transactions after a couple of days and both operations were processed. I texted already the customer service via app. Has this already happened? Or I am the lucky one?


Sounds like this is one for the sending bank to deal with first (if I’ve understood you correctly). Get them to confirm it was sent. Was it faster payment or Monzo.me?

It was a regular bank transfer to my Monzo sort code and account number. I’d also open an investigation with the bank but the transfer is clearly shown in my transaction history. I texted the support on Sat so I probably need to wait for them to get the chance to see my chat session.

Sorry to hear about this! :disappointed:

Which bank is it?

If it’s not shown up with us then it hasn’t reached us, as we credit these immediatly. It’s worth grabbing the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) from the sending bank as we can use it to trace the payment (assuming it’s been submitted to FPS) :slight_smile:


Hi Hugh, thanks for replying.

The bank is Barclays and the reference number is P203541

I had to contact the Barclays customer service to have this reference number cause strange but true it’s not shown in the transactions history.

Hope this will help.

Interesting :thinking:

I’m afraid that’s not a TRN - TRNs are 18 digits long and please don’t put them publicly on here!

If you chat in the app we can look it up with some of the payment information instead :slight_smile:

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Oh no!? They gave me the wrong id. Need to contact them again. I’ll move to the private chat I opened Saturday.

Thanks again

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Hi Hugh,

FYI I just sent, via chat to Carolina, a 37 digit long reference code starting with RP Barclays gave me as transaction reference. I told the help desk I was expecting a 18 digit long code but this’s the only id I could get for now.

Their side the transaction is confirmed.

Hope it’d help somehow.

Hi there,

since I’ve got no replies here or in the private chat for days I assume I’ve to proceed with the Barclays transaction’s recall.

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I’d suggest that’s what you do, generally that’s the standard process.

There seem to be a glitch in Monzo’s 28 Nov update. Today I topped up and pay for my phone bill but the notification was massively delayed. The balance did change but it took so long than the usual “instant notification”.
When my app was updated it also loaded transactions from last year and took a while to load to today’s transaction.

Finally sorted it out!

I had to spend almost half an hour with the help desk.

In conclusion the transaction was in a pending status cause the funds transfer failed (dunno why).

It never reached Monzo and it’ll be automatically reinstated.

Another confusing thing was that I didn’t realise another transaction done on Sat was shown in my statement as it was Monday’s.

Sorry for the noise.


Glad it’s sorted :grinning:

So glad it’s sorted!!