The money top up is less than the money taken from Monzo on my bank statement

After using Monzo for a few weeks. I wanted to check that they money get out from my bank account is the same than the mobile application said.

For my surprise and I am little nervous now. I found the Android app said an amount completely different to my bank.

It seems Monzo was taking more money from my bank.

Could I have any explanation? How does it happen?. Suddenly It seems I did many transfer to the monzo account, and the application did not said that.

Is there more showing on Monzo than has come out of your bank? I find it’s like that because my Monzo balance updates almost immediately (once it took about 15 minutes, but that was an exception) while the balance in my main account takes 2 or 3 days to catch up.

Perhaps the same is happening with you?

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the trick is to add up all transactions on each account and compare totals, then if different tick off matching transactions on each account to find which transactions missing or if latest then wait a couple of days for them to appear on your originating account. I am sure they will balance out when the other bank account gets in sync, but they do take an extra 1-3 days for card transactions to appear after Monzo charge your card

I think the OP is saying that Monzo has charged his legacy bank more than what he expected!.

To know for sure, go to sign in and check using the API. It’s very unlikely that this would be wrong.

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It seem some transactions from the app has dissapeared. The total of amount does not match. There is a transaction that the app does not show or that this transaction was taking from my bank.

bearing in mind that it is a beta there have been times when transactions have disappeared from the app, but they have some hours later or the next day reappeared. There have been previous postings about this bug.

It seem some transactions have disappeared. Although It can be they have charged me in my bank twice. How can I know? I don’t receive any email to confirm the top up (that would be great to have a historical record). So I can not really know what happened. The transaction were 6 or 7 days ago so… I have done a new top up today and everything was ok.

@hatimbt I have check your link. Do I have to authorise the Developer Portal? I would like to authorize them for this incident, although I wouldn’t like to authorise forever.

@anon44204028 Thanks for the explanation. I will wait another day to check it.

You can of course always get in touch with Monzo customer service (via the chat in iOS app or Help and features function in Android) who can help you as they can access your account whereas on here however knowledgable or helpful users may be most do not work for Monzo and can not access your account, nor would it be appropriate for those who can do so to discuss it in a public forum.

Yes you would have to authorize it to access it.

Hi, the developer authorisation is one-time only. Once you ‘log out’ if you want to get back in, you would have to ‘authorise’ it again.

One thing to remember is that individual transactions would NOT be charged to your normal legacy bank. Only top-up’s would be charged to your bank.

It seem some transactions have disappeared. Although It can be they have charged me in my bank twice.

So no, the disappeared transactions would not have been charged to your bank.

Your Monzo card currently acts as a ‘wallet’. You take money from your bank and put it in your ‘wallet’, then you spend the money from the ‘wallet’.

Log in to the developer portal and you would be able to see all transactions (even declined ones) on your Monzo account. Reconcile your ‘top ups’ with your bank’s statement.

Given that you are using the Android app, this is a known bug. You can restore your missing transactions by clearing the app data for the monzo app. Missing Transactions

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I’ve recently had 3 payments sent to me adding upto £530 and it’s just completely dissapeared it’s not shown on my balance it’s been 3days. And I’ve double checked it’s left the account it was being sent from. Not sure what to think

The support team will be able to answer that for you, if you message them in the in-app chat. I’m afraid that needs someone who can see what’s happening in the background to look into it.

I’d be curious to find out what’s happened here though so I’m interested to hear the explanation, once it’s resolved :slight_smile:

Well the money was sent about 4 days ago to be precise and I messaged the support chat the next day. Theve told me they will look into it and now it’s been 3 days I’ve tried message back and have had no response. I’ve had money sent to me from the same account before and was fine , so this is abit strange to me

I’d recommend sending them another message via the chat & that’ll post an unread message that should be picked up pretty quickly - the average response time is currently under 20 minutes.

But I’ve flagged your post as well now.

Funny enough I’ve sent another message just to see the progress and asked if they’ve made any progress, the status of the message is ‘seen’ and no response. Seems like it’s being ignored

I had sent the messages yesterday. I’ve just sent another message hopefully I get a response

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@Mrok Hey Adam, just sent you a PM! Hopefully we can get an answer for you pronto :+1:

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I’ve had no response

Can u please refer back to me as I’d like to know what happened with my money. Thanks