What Happens When You Reach the Top of the Waiting List? [Prepaid Beta]

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Probably been asked before, but I can’t find anything. What happens when the (app) countdown timer for a card reaches 0? Does my account set up and a card get sent to me?
Going away in 12 days, and would be good to have this by then. Currently sat at 10725 in queue (like phoning british gas customer services). Seems to be shifting reasonable quick though - 15000 higher than when i start 6 days ago.


When you hit the front you’ll be asked for a few details and also asked to credit the card with £100 so it’s resdy to use once it arrives.

(Dave CAMERON) #3

Thanks Ben. How long does it take for card to arrive, typically?


If you get sorted before 3PM, usually next day. After 3PM the day after. Cards are sent Royal Mail First Class.

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If you’d like to know more about that part of the process, there’s lots of detail here -

The card delivery part is -

Royal Mail postmen roll up at about five o’clock and take them [the cards] to Mount Pleasant Mail Centre in Clerkenwell. From there Royal Mail magicks them to you. We send most of our cards by First Class post, but a few are sent by airmail, or, in special circumstances, by next-day tracked delivery. About 93% of First Class post is delivered the next day with the remainder generally arriving the day after. A small number of letters take up to five days. If you order a card and it doesn’t arrive within this timeframe, let us know and we’ll send you a replacement.

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And as if by magic…!
Now, I just need to magic my money out of the wife’s account…
Thanks for that.

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