Monzo card delivery

(Hayley Robinson) #1

Anyone know how long the card takes to arrive?
I ordered it yesterday but I go away the 13th.

Thank you

(Dan S) #2

Mine took 2 days.

(Jack) #3

Normally 2 working days if ordered by 5pm I think


We send them first class by Royal Mail, so it can be up to a week, but we hope much less. :pray:

(Fabio Guiances) #5

Hi there, how long did yours take may I ask. I created an account on Thursday morning and my app said i should get my card Monday morning but it has not arrived, I’m wondering if there is anything else I could do to find out if it has definitely been created.


It’s sent out first class by Royal Mail, so delivery times can vary a bit :slight_smile:

(Fabio Guiances) #7

Received and set up :slight_smile:

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