My card hasn't arrive yet

I opened a Monzo account on Friday, October 14th, 2022. I ordered my card and it has been estimated to be delivered between October 18th and 22nd; However, it didn’t arrive till now.

There have been a lot of postal strikes which fall inline with most of those dates, so I’d just hold tight for a few more days! Don’t panic.

Only one strike day falls within that window though (the 20th).

I’ve had post I’ve both sent and received move through the network and get delivered on those days. Lots of birthdays that week, everything arrived on time for once.

Give til the 26th OP, assuming that one strike day delayed it a day (tomorrow is a strike day too). Then report it in app.

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I’d hold out another week given the delays with Royal Mail (not a monzo issue). Should be with you soon enough.

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That’s true, however I’ve noticed a significant delay to things arriving in the post, I’m still waiting on cards from other banks

But as noted, it’s almost certainly a backlog of post to be delivered, I’d give it a few more days

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