delay of my monzo card

Hello there,
how long does it take to get my monzo card? I have been waiting for one week now and I already reordered a new one. Do you think they will send me one or they will forget and I am wasting my time and I should go for another bank? I really have no time to waste.


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It can take a week to 10 days, I think. Has your account been approved?

Some other banks allow you to start using them straight away, if you are that pushed for time.

It’s normally next day, but Monzo have no control over Royal Mail.

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They don’t ‘forget’ to send a card, delays can happen once it hits the postal system.

Mine too. It’s been 10 days. I see a couple of other posts about this.

I doubt it’s a Royal Mail issue - everything else I’m ordering is arriving on time. And since it’s happening to other Monzo customers, I wonder if it’s delays at the printer?

They’ll send out thousands and thousands everyday. Some will get lost.