Monzo card delivery time

Hi so I created an account and ordered a card around Tuesday, 1pm today is Thursday and I need the card before august the 15th, anyone know the chances it could just be late today or coming tomorrow? Any factors that could be effecting the delivery time and what time should I expect it?

You should have an estimated delivery date in app, but Monzo state that it can take 2-5 working days to deliver depending on Royal Mail.

There is no tracking so nobody will be able to tell you exactly when to expect it or where it is.

Here is a help article about card delivery that explains everything:

My hot coral arrived next day, as did the Plus card. Maybe I was just lucky…

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The article linked above says that most arrive next day. They just can’t guarantee it for everyone and things can happen that might delay it.

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When I joined Monzo I hadn’t received my card several days after applying, so I contacted them via chat and they offered to send another.

Bizarrely both the original card and the replacement arrived the next day!

I guess that shows you how much delivery times can vary with Royal Mail.

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