What happens if you can't attend an event?


I received an invite to attend a current account launch event - fantastic! However, like many, I can’t get to London for 6pm on a week night without significant disruption to my diary. Will accounts be offered remotely to those who cannot attend?

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and if you can’t come to any of them, don’t worry! We’ll invite you to another in the near future.

That’s what the eventbrite email said to me :slight_smile: If you’re unable to attend you’ll be given another invite in the future :smiley:
I hope this helps


Hopefully there will be one which coincides with a day I am working in London!

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Fingers crossed! :wink:

You could always hold out a little longer, I hear Monzo are ramping up their debit card posting! :mailbox_with_mail: Could have one turn up at your door instead of an event :smiley:

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We will be offering distance signup gradually, but unfortunately, we can’t transfer tickets from rollout events for this :disappointed: Sorry!

Monzo Current Account App - Android Updates
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They are also going to soon start offering events outside London, both in Britain and possibly NI, so you might get lucky with an invite to one of those. (Click the :arrow_down_small:s to see the full details.)

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I wasn’t able to make an event I was booked for on Tuesday, but just got an email inviting me to set up a current account without needing to be anywhere in person. I’ll also say it was incredibly slick, took a photo of my driving license, filmed a short video to verify my face against ID, and now just waiting for the card.


Likewise - just did the same!


I got a distance sign-up one without ever having received an invitation to an in-person one. I do wonder what factors in and if they’re looking at location - I wouldn’t have been able to travel up from Bath, for example.


They told me on Twitter they are doing more outside london, consinsidentally I got a email today inviting me to get the card via sign up so that saves me a trip now

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