Monzo Current Account App - Android Updates

Hello fellow Android CA users! :smile:

Not too dissimilar to:

This is a thread dedicated to following the progress of updates for the Android Current Account app :slight_smile:

From here (the first versions) we can see how quickly the app progresses and eventually look back and reflect on how far Monzo has come! :slight_smile:


– Reserved for first changelog –

The 2nd update has arrived! :tada:

The changelog is below :slight_smile:

This is for version 2.0.0-alpha2


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thanks and interesting.

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Hmm… I wonder if this means that people who cant attend the events can still get the app and then order their cards… Interesting…

No, it’s invite only

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Correct :slight_smile:

@JBirdV1 The app is invite only (both on iOS and Android) and the only way to activate a card is to have one sent to you prior to getting the app / and or going to a Monzo card event :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll get an invite soon enough :smiley:

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Yeah ive been invited but cant attend on the dates available, so i wonder in cases like this would they send out the link for the app, then let you get the card. Im patient enough to wait if not, just would like to see it in action.

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Looks like we started writing at the same time!

From what I’ve read, I don’t believe you’ll get a preview card sent to you if you’ve already been invited to a physical event? (Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood that @Naji ! :slight_smile:)

But there are going to be other dates and other locations available soon:tm:

No worries, like I said i’d love to have a play but i’m patient. I know they are working as fast as they can with these so will just sit by my email waiting for a notification haha

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Naji confirmed in another thread that event invites can’t be transferred to postal invites. :frowning:

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Is it possible to lock the Android App to need a passcode to open it?

I was invited to an event but couldn’t make it. Spoke to live chat to see if anymore coming up and they gave me dates ( would be able to attend them ) few days later I was invited to open my current account via email.

All signed up and card activated in just over 24hours. Impressed so far, just the app lacking features (use to starling now)

Unfortunately I couldn’t wait much longer for an account with Monzo so opened starling account, but of course I’ll be using both :sunglasses:

Thought i’d post here instead of opening another thread

Not a big deal but noticed a formatting difference in the feeds between the Android Monzo Bank App and the Prepaid App

Picture paints a thousand words and all that

On the Monzo Bank App the H&M purchase looks like this

But on the prepaid app it looks cleaner and formatted with the logo

Like i said not a big deal, just reporting things as i see them :slight_smile:

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Not sure if the help section in the Android app shows the same info as in the iOS one, but they know the merchant data is not correct and it will be merged with the data from the prepaid app by the time the full roll out happens.


:monzo: Current account invite came today! Card en route! Is it odd to be this excited over a bank account?


If this is odd, then we are odd together! :smiley: And most likely it’s not just us, but decent portion of people writing on Community :eyes: . I was giggling like a little girl that got a favourite toy (that would be Lego), when I was getting my CA.

It’s good to see this rolling again, maybe @Danny will also get one soon and will stop pushing for it in every possible topic! :joy:


Yes I was hoping to see that @Danny would be in the same group of invites bless him. Hopefully we will see a message soon from him saying ‘Guess what finally came!’ :grin:

This is a known issue and apparently will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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Anyone got any ideas when we might expect to see the next iteration of the Android CA preview?