AirPods 2

There seems to be a lot of hearsay but very little credible information.

I’m considering buying some for someone else as an upcoming birthday present, but obviously don’t want to do so if a sequel is around the corner.

Has anyone got any good guesses or heard any credible info about when they might actually land?

Given the new iPhone battery cases referenced AirPower (on the Malaysian website), I’d guess they must be quite soon.

(Assuming AirPower and AirPods 2 with wireless charging are linked somehow…)

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I don’t actually see the point in AirPods… surely if you were going to spend a load of money on wireless headphones, you’d buy some noise cancelling ones?

Maybe it’s just me - but using normal earphones on the tube is pointless, as they just can’t go loud enough to drown out the sound of people and the roar of the wheels grating on the tracks… yet I see people using them.

I’m also worried that they’ll fall out and that’ll be a shit load of cash down the drain…


Birthday surprise ruined if they are a fellow :monzo:er :joy:

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I’m going to mute this thread as I just purchased some AirPods :hear_no_evil:

Na in all seriousness, I think the current ones are great. I’m not too bothered about Hey Siri or a wireless charing case considering they hardly need charging for my usage.

You’ve forgotten the main use of headphones/earphones. They say “DON’T SPEAK TO ME!!”

I suppose that depends on how often you find yourself in noisy environments…

I suppose that’s true - though in my case, it’s pretty much whenever I want to use earphones.

I do use normal ones occasionally though (mainly when my noise cancelling ones start hurting - and for that I’m glad the iPad Pro worked with my Pixel 2 USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter).

I guess it also depends what people are using them for - I’m normally watching programmes, so I actually need to be able to clearly hear the audio (as opposed to music, where it’s not essential).

I have both.

QC35’s for when I’m at home (usually in bed) for netflix etc.

Also for on the train or plane.

But AirPods for answering calls, taking the kids to school (after I’ve dropped them off :joy:) and generally just a quick “pick me up”, where the QC35’s are overkill.

I can’t see how the AirPods 2 will entice existing AirPods users away to be honest.

But the rumoured improvements are a nice extra for the first time buyers.

I guess they also work with Siri so if that’s something you use a lot it makes it worth it.

That’s why I have Pixel Buds, because of the Google Assistant integration.

Don’t the existing ones? Most third-party headphones work with mobile assistants (usually by long pressing the action button).

I can use my QC 35’s to call and text people with Siri/Google Assistant.

I can’t use them in bed - I normally lie down in bed, and can’t wear headphones while lying down, as I lie on my side, so that’s one case where I use normal earphones…

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If they come soon, they would be a winning combo with the Mate 20 Pro and it’s ability to Qi charge other devices.

I get why people buy into the Apple eco-system, they are very good at marketing. Personally I steer clear though. I do have some generic branded wireless headphones that are fairly good, cost me around £40, and do the job in a not so busy office, or for background music at the card table.

If I took the tube every day as @Liam_W suggests, then absolutely I would have noise cancellers.

Got to weigh up the pros and cons of each offering for your own use case I suppose.

Anyway, unfortunately I don’t know any hard evidence to suggest they are coming soon I’m afraid - although my wife would quite like a pair, so no doubt I will hear when there is more solid info.

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This tempts me, although as I’m still rocking the OG Pixel, not sure I should part with my cash just yet, just in case I change phone any time soon.

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I love my AirPods… had them since original launch, so will most likely update if true AirPods 2 came out. If the only change is the wireless charging case/Hey Siri, I’ll hold off until genuine next gen AirPods.

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I use them every day on the tube. Barely an issue with noise.

Aside from the corners on certain lines it’s not that bad. I will take the ease, lack of wires, tapping to skip song and the fact I use them around the house for Siri over money on noise cancelling that often are large and even worse, have a habit of leaking sound. I bought £300 odd Bose a few years back that were excellent quality but everyone around me could hear word for word what I was listening to.

I’ve been holding off on buying new ones - I use my Beats Studio3 a lot, but would like something a bit less bulky for the commute.

The Verge printing it adds some authenticity to the rumour. Enough of the ‘in the know’ journalists and bloggers have written about the AirPower charger happening that it seems inevitable. And it got accidentally named on the new XS Battery Case product page before it was quickly removed. So yeah, I’d put money on AirPower coming out within the next month or two, and an AirPods update coming soon after.

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Looks like AirPods 2 (although not actually called “2”) have come onto the Apple site under the radar of the special event in later this month.

Hey Siri integration,
Charging Case (optional)

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Won’t arrive until 26th so have a sneaking suspicion we will hear about them at the special event.

£199 price tag for the pods with the charging case.

Anyone with the v1 - what is your view on them? Expensive for what they are or as good as say the B&O/ Bose front runners?

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They are great. Quick to connect, sound suprisingly good in comparison to the old wired ones. Do they sound as good as others you’ve mentioned, no idea, but as I can’t listen with your ears, nor yours with mine, it’s all subjective.

I listen to a LOT of music and podcasts (hours every day) and the simplicity of the headphones and lack of cable is a real boon. I’d highly recommend them because they ‘just work’.