AirPods Pro 🍎

Pro All The Things!


Why would they call earphones “pro”, does that make the others “amateur”??

(that aside, I want some :grin:)


Ohhhhh they look nice. Why do they always have to look nice.


These look very good. My ears do not like in-ear earphones though, so I will be sticking to my standard AirPods.

Interested to hear people’s thoughts on them when they’re out.

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Nice summary of the features & changes to the design -

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I really don’t like in-ear ones that echo you munching and walking and breathing and generally just doing things. Is it just me that seems to experience this with in-ear ones?


I’ll be interested to read the reviews before I jump in and buy.

But with constant flying, and travelling I think there might be benefits here.

However I wouldn’t say my existing ones really allow too much external audio in.

I will do what I usually do when Apple releases something. I will announce I am not buying them and say that they are overpriced, then buy them in a few months anyway.


One thing I do wish my current AirPods had was noise cancelation so it’s nice to see these launch.

I don’t really use my current ones enough to justify any upgrade though.


My current AirPods are Gen 1 from release week so they are probably due an upgrade. But I agree that proper in ear plugs can make me feel a bit like I’m in a fishbowl. I might have to go to a store to ask if I can try them/return if uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to download iOS 13.2. It’s needed for AirPods Pro. As well as Message Announce for AirPods Amateur.

They have an in built vent so that shouldn’t happen with these.

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I find my existing AirPods let too much sound through. On the London Underground, I’d have to turn them up so loud to hear through over the background noise that it would get uncomfortable. Hoping these AirPods Pro might solve that, though £249 does seem quite high.

Also wondering just how sweatproof they are for exercise.

My thing with in-ear is that when running the rubber gets slippery with the sweat so they would just fell off. I wonder if they thought about that.

I did at first, but your brain filters it out quickly. When I bought my first, every footstep i took felt like it was being echoed across my head, and swallowing sounded like a boom through my head. Now I genuinely don’t hear it - I’m assuming its filtered out rather than me adjusting every move my body makes to be easier for the earphones.

I just got PowerBeats Pro a couple of months ago which i love - great sound, fit perfectly in my ears and the hooks keep them in place in the gym or on the tube, but if i hadn’t bought them, I’d probably try these.

I did the same a few days ago, still unsure if I should refund them and get the AirPods Pro :thinking:

I’m sure they have given their focus on ‘Health’. I run with my current AirPods with no ‘slippery’ issues so can’t see how adding rubber would make this a problem.

Yup, looking at some of the reviews I’m already pondering them.

But no, far too expensive (even though they are similar price to other noise cancelling headphones)!!

I don’t really need them anyway, my current AirPods work just fine.

But my current pair are First Gen… battery life starting to drop… (just like my resolve!)


Whats the connectivity like when exercising?

I’ve had some Fitbit Flyers (replaced once because the sealant glue disintegrated, and is happening again) and found that the cable incredibly annoying, the sound is relatively poor, they drop connection every so often and they slip out of my ears a lot.

I wouldn’t usually buy Beats, but the sports ones look great and would probably fit my needs as long as the connectivity is reliable.