Google event September 30th - Pixel 5

Thought I’d start a thread as Google has announced an event on the 30th,

Pixel 5 , 4a 5g, Chromecasts and nest expected.

I’m quite interested in the pixel 5 as my contract on a pixel 3 is coming to an end.

Not so happy about the chipset in it though.

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I’m hoping for an Android TV dongle - especially if Apple aren’t willing to update the years-old £180 ATV 4K

That’s 99.9% definitely launching on the 30th;

I’d be intrigued to see how it compares with the nvidia shield. If it’s basically the same thing for significantly less nvidia won’t be happy…

Have they removed the unlimited full quality picture storage in exchange for free 3 months Google one ?

I really hope not.

So last year Apple was the one thinking the pound is weaker than the dollar and priced products here higher than in the US

This year it seems to be Google. The new Chromecast is £59.99 in the UK and $49 in the US. That’s a 50% markup for the UK market ($75 instead of $49) massive difference

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£600 for a midrange handset that’s slower than its predecessor? After 5 years, you’d have hoped that Google would have been getting decent at phones, but what a load of crap.

The fact this thread is so quiet says it all.

Apple are the king of high phone prices, but at least they have the decency to sell you fantastic hardware for the money.

Edit: they’re offering free QC35s with the 4a 5G and 5 for a limited time, which both makes it a deal (while it lasts) and illustrates the extortionate RRP of the phone at the same time.

Seems decent. They’ve taken a leaf out of apple’s book and offering 0% finance on it, which will definitely help.

Fingerprint scanner is back… always stupid to remove that. Improved battery, but then with a modern phone you can never tell what does to runtime.

IP68… OK? I’ve never got a phone wet enough to break it.

It’s competing somewhat with the 4a 5G which has similar on paper specs, which long term could hurt it (not everyone cares so much about wireless charging or the larger battery). The Bose offer effectively means you’re getting the 5 for the 4a 5G price currently but that won’t last.

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Honestly wondering in what way you think it’s decent?

£220 more than a OnePlus Nord with similar specs (but no 5G). Same price as an S20 FE which is basically a cheap Android flagship. £130 less than an iPhone 11 (soon probably £30) which just embarrasses it on performance.

I don’t get who the target market is.



I’ve pre ordered the 5.

Over the OnePlus Nord it has an IP rating, wireless charging , better cameras and hopefully better build quality , those and the Google experience is why I went for it.

I’ve pre ordered on Vodafone and after knocking off what the SIM is worth plus the entertainment freebie (choice of Spotify /YT premium etc) which I would anyway be paying for , the phone is a reasonable ~£400

The free very decent headphones is a bonus.

Edit; plus £80 Quidco cashback which isn’t guaranteed as I’m an existing Vodafone customer but I’ve had it paid out before so :crossed_fingers:


£400 with the free headphones is a great deal. £600 on its own is another matter (IMHO).

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It’s less than I paid for my pixel 2 several years ago, with a pair of half decent headphones thrown in… which allowing for inflation makes it even better

I’ve tried other brand phones and always come back to pure android… it’s just a better experience.


I’ll be going for the 5 too.

Based on a free set of Bose QC’s (for another family member - I will not surrender my Sony 1000 XM3’s), the pass-down of my beloved Pixel 2XL to another family member and 10% back from the Google One subscription, it’s an absolute ‘no brainer’


I’m currently on the pixel 3, and will probably upgrade to this, currently still deciding though, not sure what plan to get, currently on a cheap black Friday offer.

The free headphones are a nice bonus, as the Dre beats I’ve had for about 8yrs are on their last legs too…


The US price is plus sales tax but the pixel 5 is reasonable at £599 Vs $699+ tax and the US don’t get free headphones.

It does seem to be a bit cheaper on the continent by £30-£40 , but I believe Germany dropped their VAT due to covid.

I pulled the trigger too. I had the first Pixel and the 2, but then defected to the Galaxy S10e, adding a launcher and widgets to try and make it feel as much like a Pixel as I could.

Was toying with the idea of waiting for reviews and comparing with the Sony Xperia 5 Mk II, but the price, value of the freebie headphones and the current trade-in value of my Samsung made it a bit of a no-brainer.

Slightly nervous given Google’s history of issues with the first run of Pixels, but given the fact it’s been leaked repeatedly over the past few months, hopefully they’ve had loads of time for real world testing.


First (mini) review is up…


Wow that was early, and the device was provided by Vodafone, I’d guess Vodafone screwed up on their NDA

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