Wireless Earbuds - Thoughts?

I’m looking at getting some wireless earbuds for the commute/ general listening - not the biggest of fans of over ear headphones and want to get some ‘truly’ wireless earbuds.

I’m not a massive audiophile but the wired iPhone headphones are so quiet it is quite annoying.

The two front runners appear to be either the Apple AirPods or the Jabra Elite 65t but I’m open to suggestions. Anyone have experience/ a review of their wireless earbuds that could help me make a definitive decision?

I use the Zolo Liberty+ - The graphene ones. I’ve found them to be pretty awesome to be honest.

I’ve heard really good things about the Xiaomi Airdots for their price range.


I’ve been wireless for a few years and wouldn’t go back. I’m not an audiophile but do listen to either music or podcasts pretty much constantly (I’m an introvert so anything to stop having to talk to people in person…).

AirPods are lovely, but if you ever work out or want to block out more commuting noise, also check out the new PowerBeats Pro which go into the ear canal better, and have an over-ear hook so they don’t fall out no matter how much you run or jump or shake your head. I love em!


If you have an iPhone and other apple stuff, then AirPods are amazing. Pair easily across your devices and the case fits in your pocket. Yes they’re not noise isolating because the don’t have rubber tips, but they just work and the sound is decent enough for everyday use etc.

If not those then a pair of Jaybirds are always good and reliable, they just have a cable between the buds. Or the Beats X, they have a similar chip to the AirPods, so the same easy pairing to iOS devices and pairs to all your apple stuff, they have a bit more sound isolation to AirPods because of the ear tips that comes with it.


I’ve always thought Beats stuff was pretty universally known as being rubbish? Or have they made significant improvements to the sound quality?


I think I’m the same as you here! :rofl:

I had a bad experience with in ear canal headphones (and they were Beats to boot!) wondering whether they are actually comfortable as I pretty much have only used Apple headphones or over ears for a very long time now.

Don’t fancy dropping a couple hundred on some ear buds and them not be comfy!

No, they had a reputation for being a bit bass-y by audiophiles, but since Apple bought them that’s been relegated to the bin.

The Verge likes them; "They are the most sincerely and comprehensively new Beats product since the Apple takeover, and they are a triumph. The Doctor’s headphone elves have been quietly busy, and the first true wireless Beats earphones happen to also be the best Beats headphones of any size or kind. "

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I had the Liberty+ for a while and absolutely loved them. Sadly had two separate pairs break on me, although Anker were amazing both times. Finally, I lost one bud from third pair, and have now gone to the Jabra Elite 65t (got them for £103 direct when Jabra had a sale and I found a discount code to use in conjunction)

I preferred the fit of the Liberty+ although I guess that’s probably fairly personal/subjective, but the Jabra do seem to connect more strongly. In terms of sound quality, never directly compared so no idea on that, plus not an audiophile at all and just think both sounded good :man_shrugging:

Being truly wireless with any pair is just amazing. No wire in the way when on tube/carrying bags, being able to walk around and do stuff at work/home without having to pick my phone up. All just amazing.

I’m rocking the Google Pixel Buds, but there’s probably better options out right now, unless you use Google Assistant a lot (like I do!).

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I’ve had airpods for around 2 years and use them everyday. I love them! They’re the only shape of earphones that fit in my ear comfortably :slight_smile:


That is what is swaying me at the moment, I’ve never really used “in-ear” earbuds (as have always used the Apple headphones) so am tempted to just stay with what I know!

Also heard fairly good things about them so should be okay!


The Jabra Elite 65ts are amazing, with Google Assistant/Siri support, good battery life, good bluetooth and a bunch of other features

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Try the new Melomania 1’s from Cambridge Audio. They’re from a ‘proper’ audio company so sound and fit fantastically. They also have awesome battery… 9 hours on the buds themselves and another 36 in the charging case if I remember correctly. You can also activate Google Assistant/Siri with these as they have built in mics.

I highly recommend them!

Bit of a deal on here for the airdots I mentioned earlier.

Again not tried them but for the price and a first foray into wireless earbuds - I don’t think you can do wrong!


Xiaomi stuff is consistently great, especially at their price points!


Honestly, as a recent Apple user (changed to my first iPhone), Webby is correct. the AirPods are pretty fantastic, you cant really get anything like them anywhere else.

They just work ™. They connect correctly, they work well, they sound pretty good, siri works surprisingly well on them if you want that on, little things like automatically pausing what you were listening to if you take them out (automatic ear detection).

If you want some wireless earbuds that just work really well with Apple, you honestly cant go wrong with them.

Your other option that might have a similar experience is the beats versions which (i think) has similar features if the AirPod look isnt your thing.


I absolutely love my AirPods. They sound good enough for me and the integration and seamlessness with my iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac are just beyond delightful.

I have a pair of Bose QC35s for travel or use in the house, but for something that can sit in your pocket or bag and be there all of the time, I don’t think AirPods can be beaten,


Betron have a half decent set of wireless ear buds for a really good price about 16 quid I think on amazon. My wife reacently got a pair and I got a pair of their over ear headphones for a similar price.
I’ve been quite impressed with them as has my wife.
So a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Based on your stating that you’re an introvert (like me), I’d have to recommend your decision at least take into account how you intend to use them, and what you want from them. Do you want complete sound isolation, so you can’t hear anyone next to you? Or are you likely to wear them while cycling or walking through town, so need some of the ambient noise to bleed through?

If the latter, I do find Apple’s AirPods very handy, and they work fantastically. I’ve also tried the Bose ones, which are good. However, neither of these is any good for me when in a noisy environment such as the gym, as they let too much through.

If you need more isolation, I’ve tried the Jaybird Run, and found they kept out the ambient noise.

I really like my RHA TrueConnect.
Have the occasional issue where they don’t wake up when I take them out the case but putting them back in again solves it.

I like being able to put whatever tip I want on them. RHA are based in Glasgow and have great customer support.