Beats X vs Airpods

Hi all, so I’ve been lusting after Apple’s airpods for a while and I’ll be actually purchasing some new headphones over the next month or two (just waiting to see if Airpods 2 will be announced this month).

I’m a bit cautious about going totally wire-free though, the earpods fit OK (they don’t feel totally secure but don’t fall out) but just wanted to see how they compare to Beats X earbuds?

From what I understand, you still get the quick pairing, easy sharing between Apple devices and goodish bass on both but has anyone here had both and can offer a real-life comparison? I’ll mostly be using them at my desk but I go for short runs in the morning and I shudder at the thought of an Airpod flying out of my ear into a drain!

I’ve got both. AirPods are better overall for convenience, automatic play/pause when you take them out, the cable on the BeatsX is handy but a bit annoying at times. I’ve never had the AirPods fall out, even when on the treadmill with them, they stay in like magic.

I’ve got beatsX and love them. Other half had AirPods and loves them! Not much help I’m sure! I prefer the beatsX for working out, feel much more secure however the cord does sometimes get in the way when I’m lying on a bench

I have the AirPods and they’ve never fallen out, even during a workout.

Once you have zero wires you can’t go back…


Raises hand I went back! Sound quality grew progressively worse. Got them replaced and same happened again.

I’ve had both and to be honest, in terms of sound quality, it’s six and half a dozen.

I didn’t have any issues with either falling out but I have really small ears and found that the BeatsX silicone tips (even the smallest ones) didn’t quite sit right in my ears and were quite uncomfortable.

The Airpods took a little getting used to with being wireless and I’m still known to leave at least an earbud on my desk at work, but that’s my own forgetful fault.

Also, the Airpods charging case is so handy - being able to pop them in for a little bit for a quick charge is really convenient, but then, fast charging on the BeatsX is really good as well.

So the Airpods get my vote, but only because they fit my ears better.

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Maybe you use them wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never had any issues and nobody I know has either. The only time I ever had an issue it was my fault and Apple replaced them for free.

They even went through the washing machine and work perfectly.

Overly aggressive earwax, maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I loved them to begin with. I had already been converted to Bluetooth earphones and the Bluetooth stack was refreshingly functional. I just couldn’t deal with repeated sound quality issues. Maybe things would’ve been different if the nearest Apple store wasn’t >2 hours away.

Maybe. I have no idea why you’d get two bad batches.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that there are better sounding earphones out there, but for a daily user I don’t have any issues with them. The charge on them is fantastic too - never run out.

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I don’t have Beats X, but I do have the PowerBeats 3 (and the AirPods).

As others have said, the convenience of the AirPods is hard to beat - However, I’m one of these weirdos who struggles with the fit of any “bud” type headphone, and after a while, they just fall out.

The AirPods have a better fit for me than most, and will stay in on walks etc - But not runs or work outs.

If I smile with them in, I also manage to push them out of my head! People in the village must think I’m the moodiest man in the world when I go for a walk and refuse to smile.


I have a resting bitch face. Perhaps that’s why mine never fall out.


Apparently I can’t say… what I previously said (and I can’t edit it either).

Let’s just say I have a face that rests and it is like a female canine.

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:joy: - I can still see it. Perhaps an auto flag feature was triggered!


Despite being somewhat of an enthusiast when it comes to audio quality thanks to a previous life as a sound engineer, I bought the AirPods because I can’t resist interesting tech like that. The sound quality is alright, but not great. The fit is good, but not snug; they’ve never fallen out on a run. Sound isolation is abysmal. Having said all that, they’re the only headphones I carry now. The convenience and ease of use, especially if you own multiple Apple products, is unparalleled. I’m a convert.

I used the same word in a direct message last night and it was auto flagged :see_no_evil:


Depends what you want the headphones for.

I use Beats Studio 3 and they are great, never used to be a fan of overhead headphones, but very happy with these! Although i’d take airpods over the Beats X I think.


I have never tried Beats X, but I have AirPods and love them :blush:.

They are so convenient, and I love the complete lack of wires. They have never fallen out of my ears (even though the old EarPods used to on occasion), and the battery life is great.

I’m no audiophile, but I have no complaints with the audio quality.

I would be cautious about purchasing them now though, as even if new ones arent announced at the upcoming Apple event, I can’t imagine that they are that far off.

Thanks for sharing everyone, I’ll wait and see if there any updates to Airpods this month and then just go for it!


I’ve owned beats X for about a year now and i used them mostly for working out. the cable on the X’s have already frayed next to the right headphone exposing wires which is never good. I can never get the buds to stay in either, as soon as there is any amount of sweat im constantly having to push the buds pack in which get really annoying.

Sound wise the X’s are more that sufficient while exercising to block out all the surrounding gym users/equipment noise. I’m also waiting for Airpods 2 at the end of the month and ill pick either them up or an original pair if noting is announced.

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Are AirPods the same fit as the lightening headphones that come bundled with iPhones?