What does quarantine mean when they’ve got your phone at the assurant repair centre?

Soo I sent my iPhone off to repair at Assurant. It was delayed getting there for starters (royal mails fault). And then when it did eventually get there, they have submitted my phone for quarantine.

The info says Find My iPhone is still active or I’ve sent the incorrect device, I’m sorry but if I had a 2nd iPhone to send I would be using that one instead of a android (I’m soooo anti android) so I really need my phone back repaired, they don’t tell us much about how the repair is going, just wondered if anyone has had their phone sent for “quarantine” if you’ve followed those 2 simple rules lol and also what the hell “quarantine” even means lol

Did you turn off find my? Maybe they can’t perform tests with it on, so now it’s waiting to come back to you.

It’s in quarantine because they can’t do anything with it yet - Find MyiPhone is active, so they can’t touch it. It might even be sent back to you. From the insurance T&C’s:

What you need to know about the claims process

If your claim is for damage or breakdown and we need to provide you with a replacement, we will not be able to send you the replacement mobile phone until we have been able to confirm that any locking mechanism has been removed from your mobile phone (e.g. Find My iPhone).

Should the locking mechanism be reactivated by the time we receive it and we have already replaced your mobile phone we may take steps to recover the one we have sent you as part of your claim settlement. If we are attempting a repair to your mobile phone it will delay your claim and it may be returned to you unrepaired for the locking mechanism to be removed.


I believe you can handle find my device on the Apple website? Or at least remove it from your devices.

I removed find my iPhone. I did say I followed the 2 simple rules in my post lol

Also if that was the reason I’m also aware I can do it remotely and would have done this by now. I had to remove it remotely in the first place as my phone was too damaged to use and do it manually.

Ok chill, nowhere in your post had you referenced the 2 steps that you say you’d done.

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Technically I did :upside_down_face:

Technically you did not, because no fecker has a clue what steps you did.

Don’t play stupid.


You gave half the info and then act surprised when people can’t help you or understand what you actually meant.

You need to speak to Assurant.


You can

@Kaye - you need to speak to Assurant. Presuming the IMEI matches the phone you initially registered and you’ve turned off FMIP etc, then hopefully it’ll move out of quarantine and into repair

I have spoke to Assurant. They are really hard to get in contact with as the repair centre my phone is at does not share their phone number publicly, and whoever deals with the emails at heir HQ (not the same place as the repair centre) only reads one email per day and takes about 3-4days to get a full answer from them. I posted here to see if anyone else had their phone sent to quarantine and what it meant because I’d done all that they’d asked, but they’ve tried saying I hadn’t. Someone from Monzo claims within Assurant has told me they are doing their checks, then it will be moved out of quarantine and in for repair. That was the answer I was looking for, I wasn’t asking to get called names from people who did not read my post properly :upside_down_face:

It’s nothing to do with not reading properly, your post wasn’t clear. It doesn’t matter, but it’s tougher to help you when you don’t make it clear what you’ve done.

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