What do you use cash for?

Sorry if there is already a post on this but i did try and search

What does everyone use cash for?

For me personally I only ever use cash for Barbers and Car wash, wish they accepted card then i would never physically have the need for cash

I only really use ever use cash at the local Chinese takeaway.

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Only time I can think of is car wash and hair dressers

Take away, bus, hairdresser, tea kitty at work, school trips, school snack money, coal man, pocket money… that’s the ones I can think of in the last 2 weeks

For me, it’s my local Turkish barbers and the very rare time I have to get on a bus.
I would much prefer to pay by card though, saves all the loose change :joy:

My local pub :slight_smile:

I hate having change.

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To all the people that pay using cash on the bus, cant you tap your contactless on the bus or do they not accept them?

Don’t take cards

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I use cash for the occasional trip to the chippy, and whenever I know that I’ll get 20p coins (need them for the washing machine at home) in the change from the self service machines at Tesco (the ones here at least seem to use 20p coins every time it is possible for them to do so :grinning:).

I purposely changed hair dressers to one that took card Payments! Is this sad or organised!


My hair dresser recently went cash only… I’m debating wether to stay or move!

Very organised card only is the way forward. I cant stand cash, Ive just chanyed to wallet without a compartment for cash haha


I don’t like using cash tbh so I avoid it where possible!

I probably use it for the barbers and that’s it…

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What I use for cash…

  • Taxis - no firms locally accept card and Uber are sketchy here.
  • School payments - school doesn’t accept card payments.
  • Birthday/Christmas gifts - feels weird asking for bank details when I can slip money into the card. Putting money towards colleague gifts is easier to collect/give as cash too.
  • Hairdressers - doesn’t accept card payments.
  • Takeaway - specifically the chip shop doesn’t accept card payments.
  • Buses - the two main bus companies locally accept contactless (a recent upgrade) but any other smaller bus companies within my area don’t (it isn’t like Transport for London where one company runs everything).
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This week it was:
Daughter’s dance school - they give you an envelope with what you owe written on it, stipulate you can’t use a cheque for less than £50 (not that I have a chequebook anyway) and don’t issue receipts. This envelope required £88 cash - they don’t give change. :wink:
Fish delivery guy
Daughter’s Valentines Disco ticket from school
Shpock purchases

Cash is still King in South Yorkshire!

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Topping up electric meter

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Anywhere that doesn’t accept Card/Contactless/Apple Pay

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Pretty much the only place that I used cash was the canteen and shop at work. Our other sites took cards for years, which caused much hilarity for those visiting. They finally started with cards late on last year

Now I just carry it in case of rare places that do not take cards. Sometimes pop to the hand car wash and they understandably only take in cash

Gift collections at work
Sometimes to pay tradespeople
Sometimes at small local shops

I read that far too quickly. Was about to ask why you had an electric chair, let alone why it needed topping up with cash.

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