What do you use cash for?


Beer tokens and barbers mainly. Still need to carry cash for payments less than a fiver as cards are mostly refused in Cornwall for small amounts.

(Splodf) #23

Office Super 6 bet.
Cricket training, although I think I’ve managed to convince them to open a bank account with Starling.


This is a good service for digitally collecting office money collections - https://www.giftround.co.uk/home


Parking machines
Dance classes for kids
Local Garage

(Dawid) #26

Mostly giving away to the people on the streets…

(Rebecca Quinlan) #27

Nothing, can’t remember the last time I withdrew cash!

I only park where I can pay by phone/card or it is free.
My daughter’s school have an online payment system for school dinners and trips.

I will happily walk out of a shop and go elsewhere if they don’t take cards.

(Rachel Raybould) #28

Tattoos most places even very famous tattoo shops will do cash only. Only time I even think to have any cash :joy:

(Sam Edwards) #29

The local buses where I live don’t take contactless. Intalink does have an app, but you have to pre-select the destination. Why they don’t have contactless readers I’ll never know, it would be so much easier.

(Herp Derp) #30


(daniel costin) #31

Glad they dont take card, wouldnt like to see that appear on my statement lol

(Herp Derp) #32

They don’t but the bars do :eyes::joy:

(Splodf) #33

I dread my mortgage renewal asking for a statement, my friends and I tend to put…odd references to each other.

My latest one received from my friend was for 10 chicken nuggets. My friend tagged it as ‘40TB of porn’.

(Phil) #34

I dislike cash and generally only use it for my local takeaway (which is rare) and on my bi-monthly trip to the barber.

(Richard) #35

The Chinese takeaway round the corner.
The monthly office charity donation.
Certain parking meters.
Weekly volleyball practice

Everywhere else I go now takes card.

(Alejandro Mery) #36

car wash and parking

(Richard) #37

Going to the rugby… literally the only thing I require cash for.

Everything else either has an app or takes card :smiley:

(Alex Barrett) #38

Far too many things. I really dislike it and wish payment processors didn’t sting small businesses so much that they felt cash is still the only way.

(Tai) #39

Hotel Porter tips
Car wash
Chinese takeaway


The only thing I use cash for is my nights out at the Ice Hockey.

Braehead Arena refreshments are cash only, which for a 3000 odd capacity entertainment venue in 2019 is pretty shoddy…


That’s why you take food and drink with you! (Plus means you can add some booze to your coke! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)