Does Your Local Bus Accept Contactless?

I live in a fairly traditional town with lots of older people. Unfortunately im sure no buses accept Contactless payments. Luckily I have a bus pass due to prior mental health issues

Is this the same for you guys ?

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London Buses stopped taking cash back in 2014 so only Contactless (Oyster or other payment cards) for us in London.


Not my local bus but when I’m down in Swansea they do! Only a recent development though.

My local bus runs once every hour and only until 5PM so I tend to drive everywhere.

I very rarely use the bus - only when my train is cancelled but thankfully all FirstBus Glasgow buses take contactless

Yep mine does! Although I use their direct bus app instead!

Always now get double phone battery fear, that how would I get home without google pay, or my bus app if battery dead haha!

The local buses I use are, I live on the cusp of London and Kent.

The LT (London) busses accept contactless and Oyster cards. Whereas the Kent services that I rarely use have a mobile ticketing option for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly passes and are cash only for single and return journeys.

Yup - and my ice-cream man!

Currently the local bus company has it on a couple of services (airport buses).

But apparently it is coming to all services (eventually)…
Lothian buses contactless

yep stagecoach buses take contactless.

As far as I know there’s no contactless in Lothian Buses in Edinburgh (except for the airport one)

really ? I wasn’t aware of that. I supose you must be living in a city ? Im sure in my little town theyd don’t/

They do in Basingstoke which is a town so not sure of other areas I should have clarified that for Stagecoach,

Nope! My local bus service accepts cash only. Unless you have a “travel top up card”. The most annoying thing is the drivers never have change and often refuse to accept anything but the nearest note to your cost

We’ve got contactless on the buses here in Norwich and, if you use the First Bus app, scannable QR codes.

coming this year going by facebook/twitter!

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I’m pretty sure the vast majority (if not all) of FirstBus, Stagecoach and GoAhead buses accept contactless.

These three companies hold the franchises for the majority of local bus services in the UK.

So you’ll likely only find the odd little local company that hasn’t been bought up by one of these big three dotted about - that don’t take contactless.

FirstBus Greater Manchester don’t do contactless. Stagecoach do though.

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In Ipswich the two main operators Ipswich buses and first have started accepting contactless this year. I’m not aware of the smaller operators doing so yet.

Er, for pretty much the whole UK there is no bus franchising. The 1985 bus services act implemented in 1986 deregulated all the bus services in the UK bringing in so called competition, yet for most places I want to go in the local area there is no competing services and I often have to buy 2 tickets, one for each company to complete the journey, which then costs more than if it was a single nationalised or properly franchised service.


Local services accept contactless in Worcestershire. No scouting around for exact fare any more.

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