Why do you use cash?

There are a number of good discussions on what people use cash for, but what is lacking is why people use cash.

I can see anonymity being one reason, which is something digital currency could solve.

So. Why do y’all use cash?

Plenty of shops refuse to take card unless it’s over a certain amount. Local bakery doesn’t accept cards. Takeaways are also often like this.

It annoys me when I have to use cash but the shopkeepers are very stubborn and often to move with the times. Then they wonder why their business isn’t performing very well and blame the ‘internet’.

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So why do you patronise shops that don’t take card then? If a shop is cash only, they just loose my business. But, I guess everyone’s needs are different. I just try to avoid cash. :man_shrugging:

Shops aren’t actually allowed to set minimum card spend FYI

5.11.3 Minimum/Maximum Transaction Amount Prohibited

A Merchant must not require, or indicate that it requires, a minimum or maximum Transaction amount to accept a valid and properly presented Mastercard or Maestro Card.

NOTE: A modification to this Rule appears in the “Additional U.S. Region and U.S. Territory Rules” chapter.

The bakery for example is a 2 minute walk from my place and there’s no other local option.

Life’s too short. Not worth creating a fuss over.

My cash usage is limited to

  • Limited number of businesses that don’t take cards or have a minimum card spend (basically some local stores, takeaways, and hairdressers).
  • Collections organised at work for birthday or leaving gifts

Not in the UK

:thinking: your house? :man_cook:

Yes in the UK. It is in my merchant agreement with Square.

If I want a sausage roll I’m obviously not going to start baking them just to avoid paying cash…

Edit: Regarding the Mastercard rules it’s very clear that they are not enforced you must surely know plenty of places that have such limits in place.


It may be in agreements with individual schemes, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a general law.

I get a taxi to and from work and it is still mainly cash only up here in the hills of Northern England.


I never said it was a law, it is in the merchant agreement.

Scary, would the driver take a bank transfer? Paypal?

Your second post in this thread could have been clearer on that

Only when it is cash only

Handful of restaurants or market stalls

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I guess what I am trying to get at is why one is willing to accept cash only? I often offer to pay by bank transfer, if it is truly cash only I just find an alternative.

Maybe it is just easier in big cities

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They don’t own a card machine is the main reason that market stalls say to me

You can sometimes find a rare Uber driver straying around which is great but most local firms have just never took anything other than cash since the dawn of time. The hassle it would take teaching or trying to get the local drivers to take another form of payment I could have paid in cash and been long gone. They don’t have card machines etc.

Barbers, taxis, some bakery in town all are cash only in my area.
Village shop wont take cards for under £5
I have to drive 10 miles to town to withdraw cash from monzo. (I have starling and natwest accounts for post office withdrawals and to get around monzos cash depsoit charge)

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Is there anywhere local you could do cashback?