Cashless society - when?

When do you guys think we will go, if ever, fully cashless?

The only times I use cash now is the barber

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No clue

I like cash being there in case a country that is democratic ever stops being so.
I use it every so often just out of habit (few times a month and for cash only places)

Given that we still can’t get rid of cheques, and the NHS is still far more reliant on fax machines than you’d like to think, I don’t think it will ever happen.

I don’t think it’ll ever fully happen and I wouldn’t want it to happen either


Nor me - my local drinking establishment is cash only. :grinning: R-

Until British people are less stubborn and stuck in their ways. It’d be great to be cashless but then you’ve got your local baker who refuses to use card because it’s ‘too expensive’ / ‘complicated’ / ‘taxing’ or whatever non-reason they come up with.

Surely it would make things quicker and easier if everyone used card?

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My local taxi firm FINALLY got card payments. I may soon be cashless!

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Uber is a good choice

Uber is hit and miss in my fringe northern pennine town. I’ve had to rely on local firms and cash payments. Finally I can use cards as of this week with the more expensive firm.


My barber is my only stubborn holdout

A week Tuesday.

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At half past 3


My local Chinese takeaway is a problem here.

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It doesn’t work everywhere. To go cashless requires the entire county to have reliable accessible internet and payment networks.


Well if Elon musk has his way we will have world wide internet and the night sky will be ruined.

The convenience tho…

Order fish and chips from your local chippy’s app (or Just Eat, or Uber Eats, or… [insert any number of apps]) online for delivery in 30 mins. Instant payment made online via Monzo and a knock on the door in 29 minutes from a Boston Dynamics Spot, who drops off your F&C and will also accept a tip by tapping your NFC enabled phone on its head. Frightening.

Then report a portion of peas has been missed off the order and knock-knock, another spot with your peas within 15 minutes.

In fact, the Spots can (using your app-account-stored details) override your video doorbell, open your smartlock and walk into the kitchen to drop it off, checking you are OK

Skynet isn’t that far off.


NYC has just introduced legislation preventing retailers and restaurants from going cashless:

I don’t think the UK will become completely cashless anytime soon, and to be honest, I wouldn’t want it to.
People should always have a choice.

I do however believe that choice should work both ways, and those of us who have embraced the cashless or cash only way of life should not be excluded from using certain businesses.

I know this is wishful thinking, but… in an ideal world.


Hopefully relatively soon

I’ve gotten down to carrying just my phone now, but there are a very select few places that don’t accept card still (like my barber).

Besides the barber though I can’t think of anywhere now