What cards do you keep on you?

In my phone case (it’s quite nifty, it’s got an actual separate wallet type section for cards, notes and coins)

Monzo Platinum
HSBC Visa Debit (for paying cash and cheques into)
Costco card
Company Shop card
Driving licence
Bus pass
Bingo cards

On my Apple Wallet
HSBC Visa Debit
Monzo Platinum
MBNA Mastercard (that’s my husband’s, I have POA for him)
Many train tickets for upcoming trips
Boots Advantage Card
M&S Sparks card
Harrods points card
Costa loyalty card
Dior beauty club card

New product launch confirmed :eyes:

Jokes aside

HSBC “Full Monty” - Premier debit, credit, Global money account. FD card, and, occasionally, my wifes’ Santander card lives in there

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Thought I would resurrect this after reorganising my wallet today.

In the slots on one side:
Monzo Max
Monzo Flex
Nationwide FlexDirect (joint)

Nationwide Credit

In the slots on the other side:
Driving licence
Amex Nectar


That’s a lot of cards! What wallet?

This one. It’s pretty compact:

Slim Wallet for Men | RFID… https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07W3PFWXT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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My wallet only has 6 slots.

One side:
Any Amex (currently BAPP)
Virgin Atlantic Reward+
Driving licence

On the other side:
Any debit card (currently HSBC UK Premier)
Two empty slots usually for anything I need on the day

In the middle pocked I always keep £10. Usually a Bank of Ireland note to confuse people when going to England.

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side slot#1 - :monzo: Flex
side slot#2 - Science Card (won’t last)
middle slot - :monzo: Joint account, :monzo: Max, Driving License, BA Amex, GHIC, backup verification codes for Google account and Crypto wallet clues. Soon to have Monzo QR code too?

What’s the point in setting up the Monzo QR code if you’re just going to carry it with you in your wallet?

No thief worth their salt will demand your phone without your wallet.

It’s in my shoe. Along with the extendable blades if I click my heels together. When it kicks off…


Depends really, if they knew what it was and what to do with it.

I’m guessing the code won’t work randomly from your camera app, solely within the monzo app so their system can translate it opposed to general mish mash of whatever it looks like elsewhere.

You remembered :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I carry zero cards - just use Apple Pay for everything!

Need Apple Pay UK Driving License support :frowning::triumph:


I’ve downsized my cards I carry so at the moment just Monzo Joint, RBS (Child & Co) and my driving license in an Apple MagSafe wallet.

I have the same bank cards in my Apple Pay setup plus Monzo Flex.

Pluxee is my cashback card (care workers)
Monzo current and Monzo flex
Driving licence is also in my Apple wallet (physical MagSafe wallet) :blush:

Cut my cards drastically as didn’t need all the other accounts

You saying Driving license made me happy to think you could now add it. Then I continued to read :frowning:


Only these cards all of the time

HSBC Premier Debit
HSBC Premier Credit
HSBC Global Money
Driving licence.

Monzo as holiday backup
Wife’s debit card (which by the way she asks me to carry, she normally uses Apple Pay)

Monzo, Amex, Barclaycard, ID

Monzo if ApplePay has played up recently

More likely to carry a powerbank than any plastic card

Not yet, but I think the guys behind the scenes are working on it (I work in the department that will one day implement it).


Last I heard it’s due in 2024. Is this still the case?