What app cant you live without?

(Kieran McCann ) #1

Piggy backing off the Show us your homescreen thread

What is the one app that you cant live without (not including :monzo:?) I found the Overcast app due to a few images which I’ve already used today and love considering IOS11 ruined the podcast app and i wanted to discover some new and good ones to download.

What apps have changed your life?
(Izzy) #3

I’m on Android and use Google Play Music a lot, and when I have to, use Tunnel Bear so that I can activate the Podcast feature…

(Mark Edmonds) #4

The clock app…I’d be late everyday with out my alarms :rotating_light:

(Herp Derp) #5

Just a few


I use Pocket Casts for podcasts. Android, iOS and web versions and they can all sync together to maintain play position.

(Frank) #7

Feedly for me. It’s where I get my tech news fix each day (every few hours). Though I am yet to curate a decent fintech feed.


Can’t say just one app I’ll be lost with out most of the apps on my phone tbh. Here are my top few…

Monzo :mondo: :money_mouth_face:

(Kai) #9

(Frank) #10

Same as before, I can’t limit it to one app. Using them almost every day, I’d mostly miss the following apps if I downgraded to a ‘dumb’ phone.

Google Keep

Progression workout tracker



And of course, Monzo! :monzo:

(Benjamin Doherty) #11

Love that you specifically stated not including Monzo and at least a few people still could’t resist saying Monzo


I did, just because of that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Frank) #13

I just had to re-read the first post on the back of this… It seems I got a bit too excited and jumped ahead to the other posts (and writing mine).

(Tony Hoyle) #14

Authy, because it holds my digital life and syncs it between phones.


For me it has to be my SamsungPay app


(Tristan Thomas) #17

What podcast feature?! :eyes:


Yep. Authy. Good one. and 1Password.

(Caspar) #19

Outlook for my email. (I use Apple’s Mail too because Outlook can’t access my work email account).

Feedly for reading RSS feeds.

Apollo for Reddit.

CityMapper because I get lost very easily and it’s a great way to figure out whether I should wait for the next bus or just walk along my route.

Instagram, since adding Stories it’s become my favourite social app. I post more stories than I do tweets.

and MyFitnessPall because I’m diabetic and need to log all the carbs I’m taking in so I know what insulin to take. If I’m cooking a meal from scratch It’s handy to scan the barcodes of everything I’m putting in to create a ‘meal’ item and then divide it into the number of portions I’m making, or if it’s something ready-made it’s almost definitely in the database already.

(Izzy) #20

the one thats only available in the US… i normally just TunnelBear in once a week and refresh my account from app…

should be available to us soon… well they have been saying that for a long time now

(Herp Derp) #21

I use TunneBear on Chrome and iOS