What apps do you use

Other than Monzo, what apps (aside from the obvious ‘messages, photos etc) do you rely on and not live without?

Mine are:

  • Reddit (I use it much more than Facebook because you aren’t shown loads of rubbish you don’t really want to see)
  • Outlook (much cleaner UI than other email clients, more features than the native Mail app and touchID lock function)
  • Carrot Weather (scarily accurate and pretty funny)
  • Trello (keeps my life in check and organized. I have boards and lists for all areas of my life :joy:)
  • Slack (great for automations/bots and general conversation with work colleagues)
  • Firefox (I find it much quicker a and cleaner than safari or chrome)
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Reddit - like you I prefer to other social media. r/scottishpeopletwitter is the place to be!
Guardian - got to keep up to date with the awful news!
Slack - don’t use it for work but have a professional community I use
Google maps - my go to satnav
MyFitnessPal - every calorie. Logged.
Gymaholic - every workout. Logged.
Spotify - gym tunes

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Nice! So are you a member of public teams on Slack? If there isn’t, a Monzo one would prove popular

Nick Slade

No it’s a private community around the work I do. Not a member of any public communities. Any suggestions?

I found a site that lists some, but I found most of them to be inactive or conpletely off topic sadly

I think the site was https://slacklist.info/

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Slack, Life/ Sleep Cycle, iBooks, Clips (handy text/ link clipboard in widgets), 1 Second Everyday, Instagram (for the memes, too!)

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I’ve just taken a look at Clips. It’s actually much better than it looks on the surface!

I love switching between plain text/ URL it was copied from easily with a click- it’s really handy for reading articles on the go and saving useful quotes + the link for future reading into Notes. I highly recommend it. You can even use its keyboard integration, but I find it quicker to swipe down.

  • Plex (for all my media, including Music & now Podcasts, replacing Pocket Casts)
  • Patreon
  • Authy
  • Pushover
  • Slack
  • Smart Home apps (Harmony, Ring, Hive, Philips Hue, etc)

Obviously now want to get back into using IFTTT

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Magic Earth
Prime photos
Photoshop express
Google Home
Pokémon Go

Man I love Pocket Casts. It has such a great UI design.

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The apps I use most in no particular order…

  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Overcast
  • Instagram

That’s about it really for apps I use besides Messages and Music! I try keeping as little on my phone as possible.

My top 5 used apps for this month are…

  • Pocket Cast
  • Waze
  • Muslim Pro (Coz Ramadan :grinning:)
  • Slack
  • Emma

DW News - German news channel in english.
Google News
Instagram (run.sunjay.run if you want to see my travelling photos)

  • Slack
  • Monzo (various different types :wink:)
  • Twitter
  • BBC news

I use games a lot… But I bought a Switch so maybe that’ll change

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack
  • Monzo
  • Gmail
  • Waze
  • FuelLog
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • When I work
  • Harry Potter