What are your most recent app installs?

(Simon B) #1

Title is self explanatory!

For me…

Android : Philips Hue to control my new lights, and Telegram X - an alternative official Telegram client with higher speeds and experimental features compared to the “main” app.

iOS : Hypetype - a cool app that adds animated text over your Instagram story videos and allows you to add music to them easily.

(Jack) #2

IOS: First Bus App & Rail Card App. Both very boring!

The First Bus app doesn’t even allow you to purchase day tickets in my location only weekly so it’s actually going to be deleted.


In descending order:

Starling (20 minutes ago)
Blackboard (About 12:55 yesterday)
Metro Bank (Day before yesterday)

I’ve had my other apps on my phone for a while now…

This is what my only screen looks like:


Google Docs today.

I wanted some way to access a shared “notepad” across all my devices (Android phone, iPad, Windows PC), and had a lightbulb moment of utilising a document file saved in my Google Drive.

No doubt there’s a better way of doing this, but that’s the best I could think of.


Telegram X, and Virgin Active (yeah I’m actually trying to get in shape :joy:)

(Hugh Wells) #6

Shazam. Google wouldn’t search for a piece of music :no_mouth:

(Jedihomer Townend) #7

Google Keep?

(Eve) #8

1SE (One Second Everyday- love this concept, I’ve been uploading a short clip or picture and it stacks it all into a compiled video. I love apps that track my day/ experiences like Life Cycle, Sleep Cycle, Mood Tracker and Daylio. Honestly recommend 1SE and Life Cycle!

And Mobile Legends. I’m bad at it and you get a ton of abuse in the chat but it is fun when you get a decent team. I’ve been playing it a lot.

(Herp Derp) #9

Wetherspoons App

Coz single life :joy_cat: :crying_cat_face: :man_astronaut:

(Caspar) #10

Letterboxd. I log all my TV watching using TVTime (it notifies me about what new episodes are out each day so I can Netflix/torrent/iPlayer them, or know what to catch up on at the weekend) but never done it for movies. I’ve used Letterboxd before but an article about some recent updates prompted me to give it another go and it seems to do exactly what I want.

Oh and @Danny’s post reminded me, I reinstalled Tinder yesterday too. I used to use it, but ditched it last year because it depressed me (the thought that out of hundreds of matches, no one wanted to actually date me, and then on top of that there were about 20 people who swiped no on my face for every yes…), but decided it was time to give it another chance.

(Richard Cook) #11

I just started using Moodpath, check it out! Three-times daily questions checking in on your MH, with a summary at the end of 14 days.

(Mark Edmonds) #12

The Room: Old Sins, because The Room games are effin awesome.

(Michael Davidson) #13

Carrot Weather on iPhone X (looks amazing) Fantastic app for weather - best I’ve used

(Eve) #14

I don’t know if I could be bothered to check in three times a day but the app is so pretty! I love slick layouts :eyes: Defo useful for people with depression


TimeTree. Awesome calendar app for collaboration.

Does anyone know of any good free collaborative notepad/memo style apps which aren’t google?

(J Bouzroud) #16

Stocard: its a loyalty cards wallet. I was wondering what loyalty cards are supported by apple’s wallet. Maybe we should start a thread similar to the one about apple pay support for Apple wallet loyalty cards support.

(Richard Cook) #17

Home Workout: - No Equipment

Fingers crossed I actually stick with this one :muscle:


I just installed astro, workflow, hiya, (from the 50 essential apps series on cult of mac) and freetrade, tv time, letterboxd and… (hangs head in shame…) love island.

I never realised watching a bunch of self obsessed publicity hungry moderately attractive people whining about other self obsessed publicity hungry moderately attractive people could be so addictive. Shoot me now. But after it’s finished.

(Simon B) #19

I’ve been using Astro for about 6 months. The AI features are a bit overhyped and I’ve found that I’ve stopped using them over time.

The UI is very nice though.


Have you tried spark? I downloaded astro to try it but I prefer the spark UI.