What App besides Monzo could you not live without?

I was thinking besides Monzo what app could you not live without? For me it’s PocketCasts. It is a super thoughtfully designed Podcast app with a bunch of really useful additions.

Also a shout out to Notion without it my life would be chaos

For me the hallmark of a good app is one that adds to your life without creating clutter


Spoitify. I always have music on


Overcast for podcasts.
Todoist for task tracking
Fantastical for natural entry calendaring.

For me, I would say Google Pay for linking into :monzo: :wink: and Google Play Music.

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Carrot Weather
Google Home

Love Pocketcasts. Guessing it must be my most used app.

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If I wasn’t using Things I’d probably forget to go to work.


I love love love Things I used it for years . However I recently started falling in love with Notion as it can be used on non apple eco system devices as well/meets more of my needs

Ooh that does look interesting

I love what people have created with Notion.

But I don’t think I’d ever get it to a place I was happy with, and I wouldn’t end up making the most of the £50 per year or whatever it is.

A little bit like Things to be honest - Beautiful software (expensive, but beautiful) and I use a fraction of it’s functionality.

I’ve just started getting into Bear notes after a year of not doing much with it…

Yeah the scope of Notion is huge and my inner programmer would love to delve deeper with some of the cool logic/ “database” esque stuff you can do . The free tier has proved enough for me as well but that may change over time. Looking at their site/socials you get a real sense that the team at Notion care about what they are building which is refreshing .

Reading back that sounds like a massive sales pitch but I just genuinely love the product

Haha - Preach the good word!

The only downsides are the apps on the iPhone/iPad are effectively a web app in a wrapper - Which makes it very slow once you’ve got a fair bit of info in it.

But yeah, I can see why people like it, but it doesn’t work for me at the moment!

Do love the Google Play Music app on my phone. Always try to have the music on at work to drown out office noise

Also the Twitter app gets heavily used, especially when the football is on

On a rather practical note, the National Rail app gets a lot of necessary use and it’s pretty decent

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Oooh never used the National Rail one mainly use Trainline will give it a look. It’s often the most mundane apps that prove to be the most useful

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Example screenshots for my current journey:

It is the little things and the national rail one is one i hadnt looked at before but it actually looks really useful! - Cheers!

Citymapper is also amazing when it comes to the Tube/ London. I just signed up for their new pass and can’t wait!


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Twitter, for sure. It’s by far my favourite social network.


Twitter, YouTube and Spotify, but in no particular order.

Also a big fan of Notion however primarily use it for work and not personal but that will eventually change.

Whatsapp since my girlfriend lives in America so it’s free texts :hot_coral_heart: