New Apps

(Simon B) #1

Since Vero’s good PR seems to rapidly be turning into bad PR, I thought I’d open up discussion on other new apps.

Has anyone downloaded anything new recently? Signed up to any interesting new service?

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by Anchor’s new redesigned podcast creator app. Might have to give it a whirl.


Apart from Emma, which I like, I recently got iFootpath. Very rare for me to pay for an app, but it’s less than $2, and shows you walks all over the UK. The clincher? You can search by whether the walk has a pub…


I didn’t particularly enjoy that, unless they’ve changed how it works recently. I use ViewRanger :+1:

Emma and Headspace are my most recent downloads that have stuck.


The only apps I download are utilities that I always use, and some games, and then I never visit the App Store again except for checking updates every so often…

I really should look into them more, you can get some good stuff nowadays, but when you get loads of apps… it becomes unwieldy.

I inadvertently noticed that someone had over 90 app updates available on the tube the other day. That’s just plain ridiculous (having that many pending updated, and having that many apps at all is just ridiculous really!).


(Kolok) #5

I have £2 of play store credit that expires soon does anyone have any app suggestions?

(Eve) #6

I download new apps nearly every day but I have two new ones I really like- I really recommend One Second Everyday which is… well, what it says on the tin.

You can add 1-2 short video clips or pictures per day but I usually just use my phone as per normal and go on sometime during the week and do it all at once. I don’t need to consciously go “oh, let me take a selfie/ video” since I tend to take food pictures most days or have random memes saved but I know some people would like to do one of those growth chart/ selfie everyday videos! You can mash it all into a video clip and there are different sorting functions with hidden mood/ quick journal tabs. I used to use Daylio for mood/activity tracking but just use this and Life Cycle now.

Also related since I take so many pictures… recently found this app for managing photos called HashPhotos.

I really appreciate that I can mass tag photos alongside easy sorting, deleting (if you use an iPhone idk if it’s just me but selecting photos is a chore… a stray tap and everything just deselects??) they also mark each date in the album view AND you can find similar photos and delete them quickly.
I take a million pics while eating out and forget about them so this is really helpful for me. I am pushing 40,000+ photos on my phone and I keep trying to cull it without much progress… this has helped massively (I’m down nearly 1k!). Look at the video preview on the app page!! After I saw it I was sold

(Eve) #7

I tried using Headspace, but couldn’t properly get into it. Did you take to it right away? I tried it a few times and gave up.


I can recommend WeatherPro
This is by far the most popular app that I use on the phone

WeatherPro by MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH

(Andrew Ross) #9

My recommendation would be PeakFinder AR.


Interesting - I’ll have a look… :+1:


I use the Google Rewards App and get random free credit. Sometimes its over 20p for just clicking ‘Yes i went to Asda last Thursday’


I’m really on and off right now… I dismiss a lot of notifications.


Love dark sky - it has saved me a few times when I’ve left the roof off the car and a sneaky little rain cloud has appeared

(Graham - Mental health professional) #15

What a handy thread this is :grinning:


An imminent new app that I’m highly anticipating the launch of is FreeTrade which is set to be the UK’s version of Robinhood. It promises zero commission stock trading!

To sign up to the queue if you’re interested then do me a favour and use my link please (it bumps me up higher):

(Ben Green) #17

I’m quite an app-aholic but the only one that I’ve downloaded fairly recently and has stuck is Notion.

It’s really enjoyable to use.