Wetherspoons Thread

I know they are closed but lets talk about things you eat/drink and do at spoons.

I personally spent alot of my late teens late on summer nights sitting outside there talking about nonsense all night over pints of carling and sterling duals.

Also their pizza is so underrated

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The menu has regressed significantly, there used to barely be a space left on it but I’m told the freezer space used was a joke and hence the change.

I’ve spent a shocking amount of money at Wetherspoons, to the extent where I’ve hidden it by paying up through a PayPal DD or my Amex :joy:

I’d like to say I won’t go there much after lockdown but who knows, I did when they reopened before but probably made worse by moving a stones throw away from one

I used to live near another one that was a right old codgers joint, they do vary quite a bit pub to pub clientele wise

I joined Monzo at the beginning of March, I was in the office for around 2 weeks before the first lockdown began.

My training group decided once we completed our training we would all go out to a spoons and celebrate, 9 months later we still haven’t gone out for that drink :cry:

Very much missing the cheap cocktails and onion rings! :hot_coral_heart:


Actually 11 months later!!! I’ve lost all track of time :upside_down_face:


I always pay on my amex where I can for cashback but looking at my old amex bills I spent loads of money there.

I enjoyed myself and I still saved most my income so why not.

Go and have one as soon as they open so you don’t forget

Nothing at all, I don’t step foot into chain pubs


We too are lucky to have a 'Spoons with a decent outdoor space, and although we eat inside, there’s nothing better than sitting outside in the evening with a cold beer having a good chinwag with some random stranger.

As far as food goes, I’m rather partial to their steaks. Good quality and excellent value.
Missus could happily live on their chicken burgers :rofl:

The last stranger I talked to in a Spoons tried to convince me that the world started to go wrong when women and the lower orders were allowed to vote!


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Grilled or buttermilk? :thinking:

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I try to avoid them like the plague. When I was a student I used to go in a few times for a cheap breakfast but I find them a bit offputting

The last grilled one I ordered (by mistake) could have been bounced off all four walls!

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We normally always sit outside for the odd cheeky cigarette.

Always 2 old men talking about brexit in every spoons. Guaranteed


Grilled always :smile:

And nothing can beat their breakfasts :+1:

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I rate having breakfast and beer after just turning 18 in Birmingham airport at 7 in the morning as i’m going on holiday.

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I think we’re lucky, we have pretty good cooks at ours and have never had a bad meal :smile:

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I’ve tried not to go in since it became apparent in 2016 what a monumental bellend Tim Martin is.

I still get a craving for their nachos now and again though- been able to resist so far!

Be interesting to see how they recover after the pandemic, considering how much bad press Martin’s been having.


Airport spoons pint :beers::+1:


I think they can wildly vary from place to place.

My student haunt was a Wetherspoons but it was a rather charming and delightful place:

Even the toilets were quite fancy:


Good choice :heart_eyes:

That’s such a shame! I’ve never had a bad one, I must be lucky!