"Monzo Points"

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #1

Look out for Making Monzo April :eyes: Monzo Points might be on their way :tada:

Monzo Points

We’re exploring ways for you to earn points and unlock rewards by spending at your favourite merchants. We’ll trial a basic version with a small number of customers in the next few weeks to see if it’s something we should roll out to everyone.

I can’t wait to see how well this integrates :smiley: it’ll be fantastic :blush:

I wonder if there will be a way to pay for Monzo Plus / Premium / etc. just with points alone :smiley:



“Monzo Merch” :eyes:


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #3

Yeah I will have a go on this :upside_down_face:

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(Nathan) #4

Looks nice! :slight_smile:

Love that they show brands not previously worked with (i.e mcdonalds)

Looking forward to potentially giving this a whirl :smiley:

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:smiley: :smiley: looks good…

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(Jordan) #6

Pick me for the trial please… This looks great - hopefully there is some Amazon vouchers or something similar!

Could also be the “missing-link” before cashback/ rewards cards start coming into play.


(dan costin) #7

Love this… cant wait for this… pick me for trial :slight_smile:



If these are good value, I might make Monzo my main spending card again… depends if it beats the 1p/£2 cashback I get on my Amex…



Ooh this looks interesting!! :grinning:


(Daniel) #10

Well this looks just like what I wanted! Fingers crossed it comes to joint accounts at launch.


(Sean) #11

OMG :scream: This is what I’ve been waiting for!! :raised_hands: A loyalty scheme that’s attached to Monzo instead of having to go find a third party.

I am so ready for this :tada::tada:



Looks pretty cool to be honest. I kinda like the idea of little treats lol. With maybe some bigger incentives to work towards.

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Free Deliveroo Delivery yaaaaaaaaaas!


(Kevin Phillips) #14

It looks good, but will there be a way for small independent businesses to get involved?


(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #15

Nice idea, be interesting to see who is involved on startup.

Big names first no doubt but be good to find a way for smaller local businesses to get involved in this too.


(Peter Shillito) #16


Are Monzo really struggling for cash? Is that why they’re concentrating on business banking and weird incentives like this garbage and Monzo Plus? Can’t you work on making existing features better, like Pots - Sort Order, Committed Spending/Bills Pot, Scrap the Graph and many other actually voted on improvements? There’s also the fact that those with overdrafts find it’s unreliable to know when they’re actually going to get charged fees when the balance Monzo use to calculate overdrafts isn’t surfaced anywhere in the app, which I originally complained about by email on 13 Sep 2018 and got an email that includes “we agree it’s something we could be doing better and it’s been raised with our design team” on 24th Sep 2018. There have been zero changes to overdraft management information.

So no, I don’t give a :poop: about “Monzo Points”.


(Joe) #17

“the exact specific single thing I want hasn’t been done so I’m going to :poop: on everything else that is being done”

Don’t you think perhaps v3 that is clearly being worked on could be improving the other features you listed above? Go moan on that thread. They said a while ago that they’d brought someone in that is looking at a re-hash of summary and the feed, which I presume is what v3 is and they said it was quite a big overhaul.

Maybe this is a separate thing and multiple things can be worked on at once by different teams? This looks interesting to me and is definitely something that has been highly requested many times.


(Peter Shillito) #18

I gave a list of a few different examples, but I admit that the overdraft issue is particularly frustrating to me. If a v3 is being worked on, I’ve not seen any official planned changelist, so it’s frustrating seeing all these new things show up first. That being said, v2 was just “oh we’ve done a lot of changes since v1 at this point, and we’re turning on summary for everyone” so I’ve not got my hopes up for any decent fixes and improvements.


(Jordan) #19

In terms of the overdraft issue, I suspect that it won’t be changed until the FCA’s FG comes out on the way in which Banks are to charge fees on overdrafts - still not a great answer but likely the reason why it is a bit silent.

I can personally see v3 being a big clean-up and tidy-up of the app, with some of the features we have seen being tested being brought into the wild. But I have no reason to think that just my guess.

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I’m pretty sure v3 is going to be the release of the UI here: