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Considering that JD Wetherspoon has over 900 pubs, I think we should decide on how to have their merchant data filled in. Unlike most pub chains, wetherspoons pubs have individual names, with the Wetherspoons branding shown. I live in Guidlford and the pub we have is called The Rodboro Buildings.

Currently this is how it is shown in Mondo,

  • I think the logo should be the same for all and should be the wetherspoons logo.
  • How should the name be, personally I would like to have a single name, but considering each pub is unique, The Rodboro Buildings (Wetherspoon) would be ok?
  • Also Eating Out would be the most appropriate one among the categories. I think Entertainment would be more appropriate for bowling, cinema, etc rather than drinking.

And for the logo, I have submitted this logo, if anyone else would like to use it.

This has been touched upon in this post. Although most wetherspoons pubs have their own twitter accounts (eg: Rodboro, Rochester Castle), their icons are usually a picture of the building and not a unique icon/logo.

Another merchant that have similar issues is Beefeater. Haven’t been to one with my Mondo card, so don’t know how they are handled. They too have twitter accounts for individual restaurants but the icon is usually a picture of the building.



I agree with you on this, both the Twitter photos from individual pubs and the Wetherspoon official Twitter logo look a tad silly. I like how Young’s pubs are done which is to have the Young’s Brewery logo and the name of the pub e.g. Highbury Vaults.

You can change this yourself by clicking on it and then it should stay as that category when you revisit.

Ya I have done that, but in general I think for Wetherspoons, Eating Out is more appropriate since they are a restaurant/pub. :slight_smile: But would love to hear your thoughts?

I was thinking exactly this, and my vote would be for them all to be called ‘Wetherspoons’ but I can see it from either perspective

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I like the idea of having the name as that of the pub but the logo being Wetherspoon

I’d vote Wetherspoons logo for all and use the name of pub also keep it as entertainment as I wouldn’t really say that they were an eating establishment.

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I would go with eating out as the category, weatherspoons for the logo and then the name of the pub and then in brackets to have weatherspoons. :slight_smile:

I would probably go somewhere else for food.:grinning:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments! I have seen a lot of these pubs come in recently, and my default has been to change the name to just the pub name (e.g. The Rodboro Buildings), and the logo to the Wetherspoons twitter logo. :beer:

I think keeping the name just as the pub, without Wetherspoons in brackets, makes most sense. This is because the name could otherwise probably end up far too long and not all visible. :male_detective:t2:

In terms of the logo, I appreciate that the Wetherspoons twitter logo is not ideal, but twitter is our default (for many reasons). If, @hatimbt, you have submitted another logo I will check to see if it works (size, quality etc), and change it to that if so. Thanks for sending it in… it looks much better than the twitter logo so I hope it works! :art:

Regarding the category, opinion seems to be split down the middle :tipping_hand_woman:t2:. I think leaving it as Entertainment for the time being seems to be the best route, especially because we are planning on looking at categories as a whole quite soon!



I would certainly like the Weatherspoon logo and just the pub name as I like to track which one I spent it in. As for category I would like to see one for something like Socialising or Pubbing or even just simply drinking lol. I spend far more there on drink that food

I’d certainly support a review of the categories. For me spending money in pubs is not usually Eating Out of Entertaining and it would be good to track how much I actually spend down the boozer!

I’ve come across a few in South Wales which don’t align to the above, I’ll push some feedback through the app for them now. What’s been discussed makes the most sense to me.

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Actually thinking about this… is this even still possible as Wetherspoon no longer have any social media so I can’t provide the twitter handle for the feedback :face_with_monocle:


Try just submitting the URL of the logo in the OP?

I’m a fan of the pub name and that logo, but it’d be nice to have an automated Wetherspoon tag or reference for search and grouping

I’ll do that and see, if not I’ll contact support, always feel bad for contacting Cops with small things like this I’m sure they have more important queries, I know I shouldn’t though :slight_smile:


I imagine they triage requests. I think you should only feel bad if you’re selecting the “my query is urgent” option for this kind of thing. :joy:


Easier to use the Wetherspoons app and then it’ll always have the same logo/name :wink:

And then you don’t even need to stand and wait at the bar!

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How bizarre I was just on railforums and saw a post from you! Thought my browser was doing some sort of weird caching at first :joy:

Sssshhhh… It’s not ‘hip’ to admit you browse those forums :rofl: